Old Retold

Old Retold: Getting Old and Lovin’ It!

Some days ago I was contacted by a woman from the USA, Teri Bult, telling me about her relatively new website – http://www.oldretold.com – dedicated to people who are getting old, but are proud of their age. She has a feature on her site that highlights the work of professional photographers and artists whose subject matter is elderly people. She kindly wrote that I have wonderful paintings of old people that she would like to put on her site, and asked me for my permission.

(Homepage of “Old Retold”)

I was deeply charmed by the name of the site, “Old Retold” and so, what with me loving elderly people, and finding this project very nice, I agreed to be part of it with some of my paintings from the series “My Dear Old People”. I let her have the choice of the ones she wanted to use, trusting that she would know exactly which ones better fit her purpose. On the screen shot of the homepage above, you can see on the right side, that Teri has already published my paintings, 28 altogether, making a wonderful job of it. I can’t really explain it, but I do feel very emotional about it. I love to see my paintings in their happy environment of elderly people having fun being older!

Here are two of the paintings she chose.

In April 2011, I was biking along the city walls of the town of Lucca (Tuscany, north-west of Italy), as I suddenly saw these two elderly ladies sitting on a bench, deep in an obviously funny conversation. They seemed to have many secrets to tell each other! I so much loved the scene that I stopped biking, hid behind a tree, took my travel painting pad out of my bag (always have a sketching pad with me, wherever I am) and started sketching them. I added the watercolours later at home.

This watercolour painting is called “The Men from Tàrbena”. Tàrbena is a little Spanish mountain town quite near the tourist places of the Costa Blanca such as Benidorm, Altea and Calpe. I had rented a house in that town for a week, with the intention to paint the town and its people. I saw these men sitting on a bench in the main square, by the church. I adored the colours and fun of this motif, the men looking so relaxed enjoying their togetherness and life. Also I liked the structure of the wall behind them – if I remember well, it was the church wall – which looked like shimmering soap bubbles. Even funnier was the painting I did of 3 women from Tàrbena (perhaps their wives?) standing in a house entrance in a side street. The contrast was so striking! I won’t post the painting here -too scary!-, but if you want to see it, just browse “My Dear Old People” gallery: you won’t miss the women from Tàrbena!

Teri has also a nice new project on her site, called “Then and Now”:

Embrace Your Age!

Show the world how MARVELOUS you look!!

If you want to know more about it, and perhaps participate, (and also see how Miki de Goodaboom looked like when she was 20 years old… I am sure you are curious about it! 🙂 ), just go to Then and Now

Thank you, Teri, for this wonderful idea, and good luck with your great site!

I am sure that many elderly people around the world will find a little bit of a new home there!

The paintings presented in this post, as well as many others from elderly people, are currently available as Giclee prints in different dimensions, on paper, canvas and metal, as well as greeting cards, in my

FAA Gallery.

The Giclee prints from the above mentioned Online shop are manufactured in the USA and sent directly to the client from there. For personal or financial reasons it might not be appropriate for everybody to order their prints in the USA. Also, you might prefer to purchase my Giclee prints hand-signed. If so, you can alternatively order directly from me. Simply contact me indicating in which size. Go to

Goodaboom Boutique

to see a guideline of pricing for different dimensions.

I also sell A3 posters (297mm x 420mm) as high quality digital prints on a Heavyweight White 350gsm paper, each packed in cello with card stiffener.

Poster Price: 50 euros.

They are a great alternative to the Giclee prints, to a more affordable price.

(the price does not include packing&shipping)


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