Happy New Year 2013: Funny Artworks

I have seen in my sites that many people are searching for 2013 new year greeting cards and artworks,  generally looking for “funny” or “cute” or “humorous”… at least they are the ones who land by me! So it is probably time to present some stuff I have done for that occasion. In fact most of them go back to a time when I was working for an ecard company, and I have actualised them. Let us start with greetings from the Antarctica…

… with these cute little penguins waving happy new year from their iceberg. I love penguins, they are the funniest thing in the world, and I dream of seeing them in the wild one day…

The other day I was dreaming of my lovely mountains, the Pyrenees, wondering if they are covered with much snow right now. I was thinking of a watercolour painting I did while crossing the border from Spain to France at the Col du Pourtalet 2 years ago, and it gave me the idea to use this painting to create the new year painting below.

Unfortunately the bear is not really from me. I found him per accident in my computer, a very old file, and the only thing I remember is that it is a copy of an artwork I saw somewhere, many many years ago, from a time when I was learning drawing. I don’t know where I found it, and I don’t know who was the artist. But it fitted so well in my Col du Pourtalet landscape, that I could not resist using it. Having said that, I doubt we have white bears in the Pyrenees. But our brown bears are very famous! I will compliment myself now: I find very cute how the bear wrote 2013 with the stones!

We’ll go further south to Spain now, and celebrate the new year 2013 with a bunch of mad bulls escaping the bullring to attend the traditional fireworks

Some of these paintings, and also some featuring Christmas and other seasonal holidays, are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper, canvas and metal, and also as greeting cards. Please click here to access my FAA store.

The Giclee prints from the above mentioned Online shop are manufactured in the USA and sent directly to the client from there. For personal or financial reasons it might not be appropriate for everybody to order their prints in the USA. Also, you might prefer to purchase my Giclee prints hand-signed. If so, you can alternatively order directly from me. Simply contact me indicating in which size. Go to Goodaboom Boutique to see a guideline of pricing for different dimensions.

I also sell A3 posters (297mm x 420mm) as high quality digital prints on a Heavyweight White 350gsm paper, each packed in cello with card stiffener.

Poster Price: 50 euros.

They are a great alternative to the Giclee prints, to a more affordable price.

(the price does not include packing&shipping)


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