Painting Lanzarote 01: Arrecife, The Capital

As I said in my previous post, “Christmas in Lanzarote”, I just spent 3 weeks painting in Lanzarote, one of the Spanish Canary Islands. With the island being quite small, we stayed in an hotel in the main town Arrecife for the first 2 weeks, and from there, walking or driving, we made many excursions throughout the the whole island. The hotel being on the seafront, we had a wonderful view of the bay, a small harbour and part of the town itself.

The following sketch is the very first I did of Lanzarote from our hotel balcony, on the first day, just before going out and exploring the town.

Almost everywhere in Lanzarote, there is always a ferry somewhere, arriving or leaving, probably the ferries doing the traffic between the many Canary islands. I love ferries, I find them very romantic and exciting, above all when I am aboard. Having said that, they are not especially aesthetic in a painting, this is why I often use only a few lines and much white to represent them, as I did in the painting above.

In Lanzarote, at least as we were there, the weather was changing all the time and the sky was always a wild mix of blue, white and black, full of sun, wind and rain at the same time! And the sunsets were often fabulous…

As usual, all the sketches were done on site, and the water colours added later in the hotel room. It is the method which best works for me, although this way I often have to invent the colours, my visual memory not being the best.. I know, I know, lethal for a visual artist!

Arrecife is a wonderful town, full of charming and characterful places. I especially loved all the places with boats, a labyrinth of little harbours which seem enclosed into the town. One gets the impression that houses, cars and boats live together in the most peaceful and harmonic life!

Personally Arrecife enchanted me with its serene atmosphere. Everybody there seems to be in a great mood, the natives as well as the tourists. They all seem to have the ability -and the time!- to take time, the result being a very happy, relaxed ambiance. I guess they have their problems too, like everybody else, so I suppose it is their way of dealing with them which is different. It is not like the “todo bien” or “mañana” with which one has to endure all the time on the Spanish peninsula: which is in fact more a way of putting the head in the sand and postponing all problems to the next day… and eventually to the next century! But it is not like in the Caribbean Islands either, where time seems to stop and everybody needs an eternity to move from one point to the other or speak a whole sentence. No, it is something between, an apparently healthy way of going through life. I think I have learned from them a little bit in these 3 weeks, I do feel a little more relaxed since I am back, although I have to deal with bad and sad things at the moment, and even in the time we spent in Lanzarote.

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