Painting Lanzarote 02: Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is located on the south-east side of Lanzarote and is among the most important tourist spots on the island. We visited it on different occasions during our 3 weeks stay in Lanzarote. The first time, we had the great -and exhausting! – idea to walk there, starting at our hotel in Arrecife. A combination of beautiful sea promenades and coastal paths wound their way from the capital to our destination, but, oh! it was a long walk! – partly circumnavigating the airport boundary with the excitement of having planes landing and taking off just above our heads. This gave me the opportunity of making a good play on words: seeing so many planes from the UK travel company Thomas Cook continuously landing, one after the other, and thinking of their advertising campaign with the great slogan:

“Don’t just book it, Thomas Cook it!”

I said:

“They obviously overcooked it!”

Anyway, as we eventually reached Puerto del Carmen, I was so tired that I could not do anything else other than consume loads of drinks and food! I could not do one sketch… a very frustrating experience considering that I had gone there to paint.. .. well, at least it had been a healthy day, except for my whole body aching and the headache due to the strong winds we had to fight against.

But we spent the final week of our trip in an hotel from Puerto Carmen, and I had enough occasions to paint then.

Being one of the most important tourist resorts of Lanzarote, I was not expecting too much of the place as I am normally not fond of tourist traffic. But I did love it there, it was something of a revelation to me, there was a wonderful atmosphere, everybody seemed so happy and all restaurants, cafes and shops looked extremely welcoming.

I found the harbour quite attractive and inspiring, and did some sketches there. I especially loved the contrast between the white buildings in the background and the bold coloured boats.

As usual, the sketches have been drawn with an ink pen on the site, and I added the colours later on at the hotel. Most of the time from memory, which might explain why the colours are not especially faithful to reality. They are rather a reflection of my good moods !

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