Painting Lanzarote 03: The Market in Teguise


Teguise, also known as “La Villa”, is an enchanting little town situated in the central part of Lanzarote. It was the ancient capital of Lanzarote (until 1852) and has uniquely charming streets, palaces and culture. Many of its buildings dating back to the 17th century, display beautiful carvings in wood and stone around the doors and windows.

And Teguise is especially famed for its Sunday market, which I more appropriately would describe as a stall feast!

Teguise Market 01 S

Living in Spain, I am used to these weekly markets, which usually draw flocks of tourists. When I heard about the market of Teguise, I was expecting something similar, something which I personally don’t really enjoy: too much cheap and kitschy and old-fashioned stuff in the stalls, too many people in one spot, and, worse than anything, too much harassing from the stall owners. But the market in Teguise is so different! I fell in love with it from the first moment I entered. Although there were many similarities with the Spanish markets on the Peninsula, the ‘vibe’ and the setting were very different, and created a wonderful atmosphere. Like everywhere else on the island, the ambiance was such that you suddenly fancied buying everything and eating or drinking everything which was proposed. But if you didn’t, the merchants were not fed-up with you and still thanked you for your visit with a wonderful smile.

It was really like a big party, with stalls from people of many different nationalities. Never more apparent than with the food: German sausages, Spanish dishes, English breakfasts, American hot dogs, French crepes – something for everyone!

Many different stalls line the old, cobbled streets with all sorts of goods including; clothes, shoes, ceramics, handbags, paintings, toys, and many other crafts. In the centre of the town, the church square, two groups of musicians entertain everyone throughout the morning with pan-pipe music and folklore dancing. And it’s all given a carnival atmosphere by Canarian dancers and hair braiders. I didn’t draw them though, too complicated with all the people around!

One might think, when one looks at my sketches, that there were not as many people as I am saying there were. But to sketch on the site, I normally have to step aside, to be able to focus and concentrate on what I do. However, the market was scattered over a very large area, almost the whole town, this having the wonderful effect that one didn’t feel oppressed by the mass.

As usual, the sketches have been drawn with an ink pen or a pencil on the site, and I added the water colours later on at the hotel. Most of the time from memory, which might explain why the colours are not especially faithful to reality. The sky is far from being blue, how one would perhaps expect from such a location, but remember, we visited Lanzarote in winter, and also strong winds were blowing quite often and the sky was a wild ever-changing mix of blue, grey, black white and other colours from the rainbow (these colours being a little bit enhanced by my fantasy though….

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