Painting Lanzarote 05: The Beaches

I have already published some posts about several places from Lanzarote, such as Arrecife, Puerto Carmen, Teguise. Today I want to show you the beaches from Lanzarote, which were really wonderful.

I am certainly not a beach person, in the sense that I never spend time lying on a beach and sun bathing. But I do like to spend time walking on sand along a beautiful beach, watching the waves and all the stuff they bring back to shore from wherever, always hoping to find a message in a bottle amongst all the flotsam and jetsam!

I unfortunately don’t remember where I painted the above beach, having forgotten to write it down behind the painting as I usually do on site. But I think it was in the North-West of the island, by a small fishing village called “Caleta de Famara” which has achieved worldwide renown as a surfers paradise. The next watercolour sketch of a surfer entering the sea with his surf board under the arm was certainly done there.

… another sketch of the beach there, in ink and watercolour… as you can see, much movement, in the air and in the sea!

I have done more paintings and sketches from there, and if you are interested in seeing them, simply go to my Lanzarote Gallery.

If you want to read more about that place, not only its beaches and surfing community, but also about the village itself and its sandy streets, please go to the Lanzarote Guide Book.

Let us go to another beach now, almost on the opposite side of the island, by Playa Blanca at the most southerly tip.

I witnessed this scene on one of the Papagayo Beaches and called it ‘Back home late”. It looked as if a father went out for a walk with his little boy on his shoulders and forgot the time and came back very late to an angry wife…

Anyway Papagayo Beache, Playas de Papagayo, is a collection of natural beaches to the east of Playa Blanca and are in an area protected from development. They conceal the most beautiful natural beaches in Lanzarote, which slope gently towards a crystal clear sea. The following watercolour and ink sketch is one of these beaches, seen from above.

Playa Blanca itself has some different beaches too, the most popular being Playa Flamingo to the west and Playa Dorada to the east. I didn’t paint them though, choosing to paint some other subjects from the place. But what I did sketch is one of the tiny private beaches attached to some of the best hotels there

They are not really beaches at such, at least not natural beaches. Simply little areas demarcated with the typical local black lava stones and covered with sand, sun beds and cute straw umbrellas, overlooking the sea along the coastal promenade.

Let us go back to the East now, between Arrecife and Puerto Carmen, to Playa Honda, with its lovely golden sand. I guess many people will go elsewhere because it is mostly directly under the flight path of Arrecife airport, but personally I found it very romantic with its little fishermens’ boats and tiny white houses on the beach itself.

On the sketch above, the sand isn’t golden though… rather green! Don’t ask me why, I don’t know what was going through my brain and hands as I painted it, but let us call it “artistic freedom”. Sometimes I feel like not wanting at all to paint the real colours of nature, and this is was probably one of these moments…

This one is a little more faithful to the golden reality of Playa Honda and yet not quite. But well, apparently the closest I could deal with reality that day, as all my sketches from the place have some kind of weird colours…

Here is a view of the beach in Puerto Carmen, a very ‘touristic’ place with the typical beach and sea promenade of Spanish tourist resorts!

Just not as crowded as one would perhaps expect , but well, it was the beginning of December. And although some normally sun-deprived English people couldn’t help but having a sunbathe and even a bathe in the sea, most of the tourists were walking along the promenade or sitting in the hundreds of lovely beach cafes.

I will finish with a quite impressionist motif of one of the many beaches from Arrecife, the capital. That beach was kind of inside the town, and half of the time almost covered with water because of the tides. An extremely attractive subject for me, especially because of the boats

There are many more wonderful beaches in Lanzarote, but I could not paint them all, needing time to paint all the other wonderful stuff from Lanzarote.

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