When Maths meet Sport…

Painting Football

Today is Saturday, and that means football day and our team DCFC, Derby County Football Club, nicknamed “The Rams”, is facing Blackburn in the English Championship. As with every time they play, nothing else matters in this world, our whole energy and attention is focussed on the game. So deeply are we invested in this ritual, that we even start the day drinking our morning milk coffee out of 2 giant DCFC mugs! To give you an idea, here is a watercolour painting of one of our pets, Bear’nadette, with one of these mugs.

As we usually drink milk coffee many times during the day until late in the night, the rule is: when DCFC is playing, we use these mugs until the end of the game. If they win, we go on using them. If the opposition win, we stop using them until next game. If we draw, we can choose what we want to do, we go on with these mugs, or we take some new ones.

Some years ago, my partner, the Derbyshire-born English rocker Kev Moore wrote a whole album in honour of his team, “Fan Fayre for The Commons People”. And the same year, to celebrate DCFC and the new album, I created a series of 12 artworks featuring the teams which Derby was facing that season and put them together in a calendar. Here is the artwork about the Club Swansea, whose nickname is “The Swans”.

Well, the Queen must have done a great job as their goalkeeper, because in the meanwhile, the Swans stepped up to the Premier League, even doing quite well up there, currently being in 9th place! I wished our manager Nigel Clough could sign up the Queen for the next season… Anyway, I have heard that DCFC is organising an exhibition of Club Memorabilia, and right now my calendar is proudly standing among them, signed by Nigel himself and two players, Craig Bryson and Jeff Hendrick. I am very glad about that, and I want to give a special thanks to Vernon Moore for having made it possible.

Now I want to come to the title of this post: “When Maths meet Sport”. In one of my previous lives, I was a passionate mathematician (still am somehow, but not active as such) and I was one of the first people to get interested by the World of Fractals. Later on when the fractals became so fashionable and even started invading the world of art, I lost my interest in them. But recently I had the idea to combine classical art with digital art, and one of these techniques I invented was to “fractalise” some of my paintings until something very different and attractive appears. The following painting, called “The Football Game”, is one of the artworks resulting from that experiment.

It was a coincidence, but the players on the painting are even wearing the DCFC colours, black&white! Some people would argue that the other colours have hardly anything to do with football, the pitch being green. But firstly, I don’t like green very much, and secondly, the red is meant to express the passion and the heat of the game! And anyway, as I always say: I am an artist and I am free to paint the world as I want to!

Well, for those who want to see some green around the players, here is another fractal football artwork, called “Quarterback Dance”. This one however is meant to represent the entirely different sport of American Football.

So, our game will start in one and a half hours, I need to start focussing now and gathering my positive thoughts for our team.


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2 Responses to “When Maths meet Sport…”

  1. premierleagueacademy Says:

    2008 European Championships, 2010 World Cup and the 2012 European Championships working for #England´s Youth Prospects @Nextstarsnet

  2. kevmoore Says:

    With regards to Maths meeting sports…the only numbers I want to see are “2-0 to Derby!!”. Great post, and UP THE RAMS!

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