Oscar Wilde in Dublin

To be natural is simply a pose…

My last post in this blog was about Phil Lynott, how “I met” him at his grave. I was describing the pain I suffered intensely visiting the cemetery where he is buried, related to the recent and sudden death of my brother… Well, I just found out that the object of this post today, Oscar Wilde, is somehow very related to my brother too, even if not in the happiest way: they are both buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris! I wished I had known that as I walked through the Père Lachaise in February, but on the other hand, I doubt I would have been in the mood to search for his grave, which is why I renounced to searching for Jim Morrison and many other celebrities buried there…

Anyway, here he is, almost alive, Oscar Wilde in Dublin.

This watercolour painting was inspired by a tribute statue seen in Dublin’s Merrion Square park . I will quote here the words I just found in the net and which I find very good:

“… This may be the only statue in the history of statues both to totally capture the subject’s personality and do to it in a way that would have amused the hell out of him. What a portrait!

Across the walkway are two square marble columns covered in Wilde witticisms. The words are carved into the marble in a way that looks like Wilde’s original handwriting, making it look like graffiti from a distance. One column is topped with a small sculpture of a kneeling woman, and the other of man’s torso, both of which seem ill-fitting with the rest of the installation. But the rest of it is so perfect that I don’t even care.

The sculptor is Danny Osborne. The marker says it was commissioned by the Guinness Ireland Group and unveiled on October 28, 1997… “

The woman in the painting above is “the kneeling woman” the person is referring too. I do agree with her criticism of “ill-fitting with the rest of the installation”, but I do love the subject as a painting motif. Especially with the quote …

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