The Brass Monkey

An Irish Restaurant in Howth

It was right at the beginning of my painting trip to Dublin in April 2013. To be honest, I was expecting rain all the time, but that day we woke up and the sun was shining and I got all excited. Our aim with that trip was mainly to visit the town of Dublin itself, but as I was preparing the trip at home and searching for lovely places around the capital, I had seen on the net photos from Howth, a peninsula to the North of Dublin Bay, and loved it. My intention was to visit it as soon as the sun would shine, and if not, well, when it was raining then! But here it was, shining bright and pure! I packed up all my sketching stuff and we drove to Howth.

I certainly was not disappointed, I found the harbour, the town and the landscape around very inspiring! One of the motifs which most caught my attention though was “The Brass Monkey”

I saw this scene while we were walking back to the car, from the other side of the road. I found it a very happy scene, and enjoyed especially the colours and the light falling on the people. Simply beautiful! I did a fast sketch from there, and took a photo, with the intention to try rendering justice to it when I returned home. Well, I just finished it.

It always amazes me to see the word “tapas” abroad (written on the blackboard on the right hand side). So many bars and restaurants serve them now, It seems to have become viral. Funny thing is that wherever “tapas” are advertised, we don’t go there: we live in Spain, and we certainly don’t search for Spanish food when we are travelling! But I understand that most people visiting and loving Spain do get nostalgic (and hungry) when they think of tapas…

I wonder if the group of elderly people sitting in the foreground on the terrace would recognise themselves if they see this painting one day? It would be such fun to hear from them! Well, people, I will give you a clue and then you can decide if it might be you or not: it was the 19th of April 2013, around 2 or 3 pm. If it is you, please say hello!

As for the couple in the background: the guy might look like the real one, but the girl looks totally different from the person who was sitting there, I guess. I couldn’t see her well, and for the painting I invented her face. But the real person was indeed wearing a green coat, I don’t even know if it was a guy or a girl. And I think a third person was sitting at the table too. But I preferred to choose a couple, I liked it more for the composition and clarity of the painting. I hope the painting won’t be the start of a dramatic ‘domestic’ though, in case the girlfriend recognises her boyfriend and thinks he was with somebody else there! 🙂

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3 Responses to “The Brass Monkey”

  1. kevmoore Says:

    Makes me want to drop in for a pint!

  2. joanfrankham Says:

    I visited Howth recently – though not on the day you did the painting, it was a very windy day, so we amused ourselves visiting a few of the nice restaurants in the harbour.

  3. Miki Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Joan! Nice to think that you have been in Howth recently too and enjoyed your time there. 🙂

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