Bear’nadette and DCFC

Bear/nadette and DCFC - Watercolour painting, by Miki

Some days ago, I introduced you to Bernadette, that pretty pink bear babe who suddenly entered my life on a dark day and brought so much light into it again.

Now, the same evening as I got her, our most favourite football team in the world –DCFC, Derby County Football Club–  was playing another game in the English Championship, and against the odds we were hoping to win, something we hadn’t done during the last 8 games.

Well, you can’t live peacefully in a house where not all the occupants are football fans, and certainly not fans of the same team. So we decided to get Bear’nadette into DCFC, involving her with the sacred preparations of the game: DCFC hat on the head, DCFC scarf around the neck and DCFC mug for the milk coffee.

We encountered much resistance though. Our Babe wanted to wear and have only pink stuff,  and certainly did not want to make a public appearance in all these black&white stripes and hoops.  “They depress me!”, she said, “and they are not very feminine… I will look like a guy!“. To eventually  get her consent I had to make her a gift: my little pink hippopotamus called “Socrates”. Also she insisted in having dotted and starred rainbow curtains hung by the window to bring some colours around her. And she didn’t want any milk coffee in her mug, “too boring”, she stated. We left her alone in the kitchen to mix her drink herself… don’t ask me what it is, but it did look very explosive! Some kind of Red Bull I suppose….

But all that was still not enough: moaning that her mug was too high to drink out of, she declared that my beloved little pink stool with the pencils and erasers legs was hers! Well, DCFC does deserve some big sacrifices…

And still, after all these concessions  -my God, I am glad I never had children, they never give you any peace!- she still wanted to keep my pink New Orleans T-Shirt on, the one she stole off me the first day and has been wearing ever since. As I said it wouldn’t fit, she started crying: “I don’t want all these guys to see me naked!”.  So we had to wrap her whole little body into the scarf, paying careful attention to entirely cover her young breasts. She seems to be a very prude girl, our Bear’nadette

Well, after all these initial difficulties, having installed Bear’nadette in front of the TV and reassured her million of times that she looked fabulous, we all had a wonderful and lucky football evening together: DCFC won the game, and Bear’nadette is now a fan!

To be totally honest, Bear’nadette did not look as pretty as in her pink clothes from the first day, less feminine somehow. But this is normal, isn’t it? Have you ever seen a pretty, feminine football fan? I just hope she won’t get too engaged into the game, as to me she already shows all the hallmarks of hooliganism… look at her watching the game!

And after all, I am glad that I gave her Socrates. He is her pet now, following her everywhere, too happy to have found a matching mistress. I must admit that I was very worried about him, he had started to have some anxiety crises recently, too much thinking about his little existence… and believe me, a depressed hippopotamus is not to joke with!

So here we are, the whole family happy again:  DCFC because they have got a new fan, Bear’nadette because she has got a new pet,  Socrates because he has got a new life,  Miki, because she has got a new mug painting, and Kevin, who can’t stand sadness,  because he has got a happy family again!

I am a little bit worried for the future though: It is tough to be a DCFC fan! I hope Bear’nadette has got iron nerves and unconditional optimism. If not, we are facing dark times again…

Also her prudery makes me wonder… what will happen when she reaches her puberty? I guess I better start telling her about the woman stuff soon…

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Bear'nadette - Watercolour portrait, by Miki

Allow me to introduce my new baby:


And to tell you how she suddenly stepped in her new life with me.

Well, sometimes I get fed-up… who knows why? I don’t! I can’t even say that it is because of my feminine condition and its monthly bloody attacks, as I am already too old for that. But when I get this way, I am quite a tough challenge for Kevin, and he always try by all means to get a smile on my face. But when the situation is really dramatic and his natural charm does not work, he goes out and comes back with a present, usually something pink, for The Rosa Baby… The result being that I have quite a collection of lovely pink stuff at home.

But don’t get me wrong though, I am not misusing his generosity and getting nasty on purpose!

Now, yesterday afternoon was one of these serious moments. I felt quite down, without any tangible reason… boredom probably… but it became worse and worse with time passing by and Kevin intuitively felt that some drastic measure was called for. So, as usual he went out under the pretext of buying some bits and bobs, and came back with…


You should have seen the expression on my face.. an immense delight!!! Don’t ever say again that men don’t understand women: my guy always know exactly what I need  and at  exactly the right moment!

I spent ages cuddling my new pink baby -she is really such a cuddly thing, all peluchy and tender! – and this totally calmed me down. But as soon as I put her down, Bear’nadette started to inspect her new home. She of course found my pink collection and claimed some of the stuff: my favourite pink New Orleans shirt, my Converse pink bag, my pink mug of fine China porcelain with the lovely red roses on it, and even my Animal pink hat. I fought a little bit, but that girl has got really a strong will and I gave up. I just tried to persuade her that an Animal hat was perhaps not appropriate for her, or better said, too appropriate, but Bear’nadette answered,

“I am an animal, and I am proud of it!”

So, not only a strong will, but tons of self-consciousness apparently!

Anyway she put the all stuff on, and asked me how she looked. Amazing, I said. She then declared that she wanted me to make her portrait! With the mug on it! Seeing a good occasion to complete my mugs art series, I agreed, quite worried though about the whole pink business, wondering how I would make the difference between all these pink things. Really not easy for me who loves contrasts! She even wanted me to get her pink contact lenses, but I categorically refused, and got her some blue instead, much better for the portrait and the contrast. I also managed to convince her to put a green ribbon around her neck, instead of the original pink one. This made my painting job easier!

So here she is, my new baby, in all her splendour! I wanted to pour some milk with grenadine in the mug, sure that she would love the colour match again, but she wanted coffee with milk, like us. Well, being a big fan of freedom and knowing nothing about children’s education, I gave her coffee. Caffeine-free though… so please, animal protectors, don’t come now and insult me!

I am glad that she didn’t insist on getting pink curtains on the window behind her, but as you can see, all that pink is already starting to rub off everywhere…

But still, it is very much pink on that portrait… I hope you will be able to find out where Bear’nadette starts and where she stops!

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PS: Don’t be misled by her cute appearance: she is a tough businesswoman.  She only allowed me to publish her portrait if we go fifty/fifty on the sales! She said she needs new pink stuff for her wardrobe…Needless to say, I agreed.