Jesus Walking On The Water

A Biblescape: Jesus Walking On The Water

I am pleased to announce that my painting “Jesus Walking on The Water”, from the series

“The Biblescapes”

has been chosen to illustrate an article in the September/October Issue of Horizons, the US magazine for Presbyterian women.

The article itself has the wonderful title

“The Gift of Troubled Water”,

by Cecilia Amorocho Hickerson: a mother, spouse, church musician, artist and writer living in Louisville, Kentucky.

“… A Well-known hymn tells us, “Wade in the water, children; God’s gonna trouble the water.” I confess that for some time I didn’t understand the reference to troubled water. How do you feel about trouble water? Most people I know would rather build a bridge above troubled water than wade into it. They make great efforts to avoid troubles of any kind. Even in our spiritual lives we may feel pressure to toe this or that doctrinal line, so as not to stir up trouble…”

With  a little effort you should be able to read the rest of that wonderful article on the publication underneath.

A big thanks to The Presbyterian Women, and especially to Laura Lee, PW Art Director/Production Associate, with whom I was in contact all along and who was profoundly kind!

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The Sower is A Woman

The Parable of The Sower

About one year ago, I presented in this blog my new series called “Biblescapes”, inspired by stories and parables from the Bible, and painted in the style of my Fantascapes. It was originally an idea from a church man from the Lake district in the UK, who contacted me asking if I could so such a work. As an example, he gave me “The Parable of The Sower”.

As you can in my first post about the Biblescapes, I did not start with this parable, but eventually, leaded like always by fate and associations chains, I came to  paint The Parable of The Sower. Really, that man knew what he was speaking about, as that painting has become a big hit. Many prints have been purchased already, and the painting has often been shown at several occasions in different parts of the world.  The most relevant to me so far being perhaps  the one purchased by a church congregation in the USA,  as a farewell gift  to one of their retiring female pastors, Here is a photo of teh Farewell ceremony, with my painting standing on the easel.

The Parable of The Sower... a Farewell gift

For some reason, this painting seem to speak wonderful words to people. 2 days ago I was again contacted by a woman, who sent me a wonderful email

“Dear Miki,
Your painting on the parable of the sower is exquisite in its movement and color.  I am a teacher of the parables and your image depicts the extravagance of the sower so beautifully.  I plan to show this image to my students and would love to include some of your own thoughts on the painting.  Would you be willing to write back to me and share some of your ideas about the work?
Thank you and be well,”

I must say that I am very pleased that my painting will be used for educational purposes. I answered

“…  I thought that in my painting, the Sower should be a woman… I don’t know exactly why.. perhaps because The Sower is always depicted as a man, and I cannot see why. Perhaps also because I feel that sowing the right seeds in the right place and in the right moment is a deeply feminine ability… but as I said, I did not think very much about it.
As to the movement in the painting, well, you will find it in all of my paintings: For me life IS movement.. everything I paint moves, even houses or coffee mugs!
As to the colours, also all my paintings are rich in colours… I just need them!, they are for me THE LIGHT OF LIFE… “

By the way, for those who know the place: the background of the painting is based on a stylised sketch of Turre (Provincia de Almeria, Spain)!

This artwork is available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the widget below to access my FAA Gallery

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Paul on the Road to Vieux-Boucau

The other day, I showed you how King Solomon suddenly appeared in the Jardin Massey in Tarbes

Now it is the turn of Paul, whom I met on the way to Vieux-Boucau… lost his way to Damascus probably! Another example of how, in my brain, an innocent painting of a tree landscape within a camp site evolves into a dramatic Biblescape…

King Solomon in The Jardin Massey

This is a watercolour painting of the Jardin Massey, in Tarbes (France, Hautes Pyrenees, my home town). If you want to know some facts about that garden, just go to Cafe Crem and read Kevin’s post “Over the Hills and far away…”. Kevin loves history, and me, it bores me to death! I guess I was introduced quite painfully to history, in the school I had to learn dates and facts by heart, without being taught why it was so and my brain works in a way that it can only enjoy and remember things which give sense, kind of…

As I said, this is supposed to be a painting of that famous garden. You will see some photos of it in Kevin’s post, and you will perhaps wonder what my painting has to do with it. well, the trees were really there, all of them, the path too, and even the red bush. There were some kind of houses there too, but certainly not white and of that shape. This house looks much more like some Spanish house to me. as always, I couldn’t stay by what I saw, my fantasy went through with me, and the result has, I suppose, nothing to so with the Jardin Massey.

But it gets even worse: as I looked at the painting when I was back home, some days ago, I saw something strange: King Solomon ruling about the two prostitutes each pretending that the baby was theirs. A perfect theme for my new series “The Biblescapes”. Really, sometimes I wonder how my brain works. Judge for yourself what it did out of this innocent landscape painting:

Anyway, this is how King Solomon suddenly appeared in the Jardin Massey. I guess he was as surprised as myself, and even our history master Kev Moore is thinking of adding this new fact in Wikipedia…

The Biblescapes

This post is to announce a new series of paintings called “The Biblescapes”.

As the name says, these will be paintings in style of my Fantascapes, but featuring parables and stories from the Bible. Believe me, I am the first to be amazed at me painting religious themes! Not that I despise religion… I was even raised as a practising Catholic, meaning I was baptised,  I had lots of religious classes, I went to Mass every Sunday , I went regularly to confession and I had my two communions…

I will tell you a personal secret though… a real secret, By that I mean hardly anybody in this world who knows me knows about it. Well, I can risk it, as most of the people who would be horrified to know this secret don’t really understand English.

So, here we go… I was about 12 years old, and my 4 years older brother and me were sent to church every Sunday. My parents seemed to think that they didn’t need  to attend the Mass themselves, what a strange way in fact to give a good example.. anyway, my brother and me – two truly enfants terribles–  collected the Mass money from my mother’s hand, with an angelic smile on our faces and the promise to give it to the priest in the church.  But instead of going to church, we spent every Sunday wandering around in the beautiful town of Carcassonne, where we lived at that time, spending the church money buying ice cream, sweets, cookies… oh, it was such a wonderful time, so much more exciting than to sit in one of these dark and severe Catholic churches! My Mother always wondered, when I went with her to the town for shopping, how well I knew each corner of the town, much better than her. She never found out why, until some decades later, when I suddenly told her! My Mother has got a lot of humour and tolerance, even with her 85 years, but believe me, she was shocked, and forbade me to tell it to my Father!

This wonderful story ended dramatically for me though… after one year we moved from Carcassonne to a little town in the centre of France, and some months later to Clermont Ferrand. My parents considered then that my brother was old enough to miss the Mass, but I still had to do my second communion and I still was sent to church every Sunday. The hell I would! I didn’t want to wander  through the city of Clermont Ferrand, I hated it, and anyway alone it was no fun. Instead, I spent 9 months hiding every Sunday in the darkest corner of our garage… a terrifying experience, but apparently less terrifying than going to church! Today I wonder what I did with the church money at that time… I can’t remember!

Finally I did my communion and then I was officially allowed to miss the Mass too. Needless to say that before I did the big step of the communion, I  never confessed my secret.. what a farce it was really!

To end the story of my Catholic life, I will say here that I officially left the Catholic church many years later, when I was living in Germany. One day I might tell why…

Anyway… back to the Biblescapes!

When I was I the States earlier this year, I was contacted by wobbywilliams from the Lake District/UK, writing to me following words:

“… Also we have a large Christian convention in Keswick for 3 weeks in July and Keswick is deluged with people. So, I wonder if you could paint some pictures in your unique style similar to Celebration of Life which will link in to the themes at the convention. ..”

I first thought, hum, how should I paint religious themes? But with time passing by and after throwing a new look to my Fanatscapes, I thought, well, some of them have a religious atmosphere, kind of, and could be slightly altered in a way to convey some bible-ish story As I came back from the States, I re-contacted wobbywilliams, and see, we have now started this project together. He is a great person to work with and to speak to, and I enjoy this project a lot.

To start the series and honour the coming Easter festivities, I simply altered an already exciting Fantascape, previously called “Dead Leaves”, and called it “Jesus from Cross”. I have done some more works in the meanwhile, even some totally new ones,  I might present them here in the future. But more probably  they will make their miraculous apparition somewhere in the net where and when you and me least expect them…

I want here to thank wobbywilliams for this brilliant idea and his input.

The artwork above, called “Jesus From Cross”,  is available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the widget below to access my FAA Gallery

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