When Maths meet Sport…

Painting Football

Today is Saturday, and that means football day and our team DCFC, Derby County Football Club, nicknamed “The Rams”, is facing Blackburn in the English Championship. As with every time they play, nothing else matters in this world, our whole energy and attention is focussed on the game. So deeply are we invested in this ritual, that we even start the day drinking our morning milk coffee out of 2 giant DCFC mugs! To give you an idea, here is a watercolour painting of one of our pets, Bear’nadette, with one of these mugs.

As we usually drink milk coffee many times during the day until late in the night, the rule is: when DCFC is playing, we use these mugs until the end of the game. If they win, we go on using them. If the opposition win, we stop using them until next game. If we draw, we can choose what we want to do, we go on with these mugs, or we take some new ones.

Some years ago, my partner, the Derbyshire-born English rocker Kev Moore wrote a whole album in honour of his team, “Fan Fayre for The Commons People”. And the same year, to celebrate DCFC and the new album, I created a series of 12 artworks featuring the teams which Derby was facing that season and put them together in a calendar. Here is the artwork about the Club Swansea, whose nickname is “The Swans”.

Well, the Queen must have done a great job as their goalkeeper, because in the meanwhile, the Swans stepped up to the Premier League, even doing quite well up there, currently being in 9th place! I wished our manager Nigel Clough could sign up the Queen for the next season… Anyway, I have heard that DCFC is organising an exhibition of Club Memorabilia, and right now my calendar is proudly standing among them, signed by Nigel himself and two players, Craig Bryson and Jeff Hendrick. I am very glad about that, and I want to give a special thanks to Vernon Moore for having made it possible.

Now I want to come to the title of this post: “When Maths meet Sport”. In one of my previous lives, I was a passionate mathematician (still am somehow, but not active as such) and I was one of the first people to get interested by the World of Fractals. Later on when the fractals became so fashionable and even started invading the world of art, I lost my interest in them. But recently I had the idea to combine classical art with digital art, and one of these techniques I invented was to “fractalise” some of my paintings until something very different and attractive appears. The following painting, called “The Football Game”, is one of the artworks resulting from that experiment.

It was a coincidence, but the players on the painting are even wearing the DCFC colours, black&white! Some people would argue that the other colours have hardly anything to do with football, the pitch being green. But firstly, I don’t like green very much, and secondly, the red is meant to express the passion and the heat of the game! And anyway, as I always say: I am an artist and I am free to paint the world as I want to!

Well, for those who want to see some green around the players, here is another fractal football artwork, called “Quarterback Dance”. This one however is meant to represent the entirely different sport of American Football.

So, our game will start in one and a half hours, I need to start focussing now and gathering my positive thoughts for our team.


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Bear'nadette - Watercolour portrait, by Miki

Allow me to introduce my new baby:


And to tell you how she suddenly stepped in her new life with me.

Well, sometimes I get fed-up… who knows why? I don’t! I can’t even say that it is because of my feminine condition and its monthly bloody attacks, as I am already too old for that. But when I get this way, I am quite a tough challenge for Kevin, and he always try by all means to get a smile on my face. But when the situation is really dramatic and his natural charm does not work, he goes out and comes back with a present, usually something pink, for The Rosa Baby… The result being that I have quite a collection of lovely pink stuff at home.

But don’t get me wrong though, I am not misusing his generosity and getting nasty on purpose!

Now, yesterday afternoon was one of these serious moments. I felt quite down, without any tangible reason… boredom probably… but it became worse and worse with time passing by and Kevin intuitively felt that some drastic measure was called for. So, as usual he went out under the pretext of buying some bits and bobs, and came back with…


You should have seen the expression on my face.. an immense delight!!! Don’t ever say again that men don’t understand women: my guy always know exactly what I need  and at  exactly the right moment!

I spent ages cuddling my new pink baby -she is really such a cuddly thing, all peluchy and tender! – and this totally calmed me down. But as soon as I put her down, Bear’nadette started to inspect her new home. She of course found my pink collection and claimed some of the stuff: my favourite pink New Orleans shirt, my Converse pink bag, my pink mug of fine China porcelain with the lovely red roses on it, and even my Animal pink hat. I fought a little bit, but that girl has got really a strong will and I gave up. I just tried to persuade her that an Animal hat was perhaps not appropriate for her, or better said, too appropriate, but Bear’nadette answered,

“I am an animal, and I am proud of it!”

So, not only a strong will, but tons of self-consciousness apparently!

Anyway she put the all stuff on, and asked me how she looked. Amazing, I said. She then declared that she wanted me to make her portrait! With the mug on it! Seeing a good occasion to complete my mugs art series, I agreed, quite worried though about the whole pink business, wondering how I would make the difference between all these pink things. Really not easy for me who loves contrasts! She even wanted me to get her pink contact lenses, but I categorically refused, and got her some blue instead, much better for the portrait and the contrast. I also managed to convince her to put a green ribbon around her neck, instead of the original pink one. This made my painting job easier!

So here she is, my new baby, in all her splendour! I wanted to pour some milk with grenadine in the mug, sure that she would love the colour match again, but she wanted coffee with milk, like us. Well, being a big fan of freedom and knowing nothing about children’s education, I gave her coffee. Caffeine-free though… so please, animal protectors, don’t come now and insult me!

I am glad that she didn’t insist on getting pink curtains on the window behind her, but as you can see, all that pink is already starting to rub off everywhere…

But still, it is very much pink on that portrait… I hope you will be able to find out where Bear’nadette starts and where she stops!

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PS: Don’t be misled by her cute appearance: she is a tough businesswoman.  She only allowed me to publish her portrait if we go fifty/fifty on the sales! She said she needs new pink stuff for her wardrobe…Needless to say, I agreed.

The One-Third Mug

The One-Third Mug - by Miki

This mug has got a very special personal story! I designed it on my own some years ago, in 2007, as the result of a fatal dead-end in our relationship.  As you perhaps know, we drink many milk coffees all the time, and 90% of them are prepared and served by my so caring partner Kevin. Now, that guy is the most perfect partner: he never criticizes me, whatever I do or not do. With one exception: he always moaned that I never finish my coffee off, that I always leave a big quantity at the bottom and that I then have the temerity to ask  for a new one.

It always goes like this:

Kevin: “Do you want a new coffee, baby?”

Baby: “Oh, yes, BigBoi, I would love a new one!”

So, BigBoi puts the kettle on and comes to get my mug. Before he takes it, he has a peek inside.

BigBoi: “You haven’t finished this one!”

Baby: “I don’t care… I want a new one!”

BigBoi:“You have to finish this one first!”

Baby:No, it’s cold, I don’t like cold coffee!“”

BigBoi:“Then let me warm it up in the microwave for you!”

Baby:“No way! I don’t like second-hand coffee!”

And it goes on and on and on. BigBoi never understands that a French Lady doesn’t like a cold coffee, and even less a second-hand one. An English thing probably, they all love their second-hand stuff up there! And anyway, what do they know about coffee, these effing tea drinkers?

In his defence, I should perhaps say that we only drank Nescafe Gold, and that at that time we could not find it in Spain, or only in tiny quantities and at an infamous price. We had to bring it from the UK or France when we went there. So of course we were often short of it and it was not allowed to waste any gram of it.

Anyway, even more than cold or second-hand coffee, I hate recurrent situations and conversations. It just drives me crazy! To avoid me ending up in a mad house,  I decided to stop drinking Nescafe Gold and stepped down to a cheap powder coffee we could get everywhere here in Spain. Not a big deal for me, as I don’t really notice the difference. I thought we were clear now and I could go on wasting my cheap coffee with gay abandon. But this was underestimating English human nature… nothing changed:  he still wanted me to drink my coffee cold or warmed-up!

Eventually we had to make a drastic decision: we needed a RULE. After long negotiations, we agreed that if there was less than one third left in my mug, I would get a fresh coffee, without any discussion from his side. That rule applying only to the cheap coffee of course. A simple, objective rule, one would think. But very soon we noticed that the real problem had just started: considering the quantity of different shaped mugs we have, we could never agree about how much is one third. I tried to tell him that I am the mathematician in the house, and exactly know how much one third is, but he hates maths and always proved me wrong, using a bewildering array of dubious measuring devices.

It became really ridiculous, so ridiculous that one day I decided to design one mug which we would take as the only impartial judge in the future. Of course it had the inconvenience that I could never ever again drink my coffee out of our wonderful mugs, but well, one must know how and where  to do sacrifices in order to keep the perfect partner.

And this how I designed the One-Third mug featured in the painting above. I had planned it to have a hole at one third of the height, and when I could see the surface of the coffee, it meant that I was under the third, and could stop drinking and ask for a new one. Now, my mathematician nature got a little bit carried away, and having started with one third, I went one with a two thirds hole, and a three thirds hole. I was so proud of my new mug!

  But of course when the time came to test the mug, it was a big catastrophe: we had coffee all over the place! The irony being that the only coffee which was left in the mug and I could drink was the last third!

Well, let’s be honest, there was a design flaw from the very beginning: the mug wouldn’t even have functioned with just the one third hole!

BigBoi being a real gentleman, I didn’t even get shouted at, but the mug landed on a high shelf beyond my reach. By the way, interesting to see which was my favourite literature in 2007: Le Petit Prince from Saint-Exupery, the Russian author Doblatov (in Russian), and a big manual to learn FLASH.

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Coffee and Cafe Art Gallery - By Miki

Com’on Bear on Bourbon

Bear on Bourbon - by Miki

Sometimes I get comments on my paintings where people say:

“This painting tells a great story!”

and I always wonder what they mean, as I generally don’t intend to tell any story with my art.

But this one today is different. It does indeed tell a story.. to be more precise: loads of stories, where each one of them has a deep emotional value for Kevin and me. I will tell you these stories in this post, and will try to be as concise as possible, as I know you are terribly busy and totally overbooked, like we all are nowadays… so we say!

Well, these days, you will have noticed it if you follow me,  I am into mugs paintings again, trying to catch up with the new stars of our collection. A Sisyphusian task, as their number increases at a much faster pace than I am able to paint them. And as the Germans so beautifully say:

„Wer hat die Wahl

hat die Quahl“

(He who has a choice has a pain)

the question being: which mug should I paint next? Well, generally I trust fate and let it decide for me.

This time for example… yesterday evening I made a big compromise with Kevin – even liberated women must do that sometimes  🙂 …- I generously agreed to watch a film, called “Hard Target” and featuring Jean Claude Van Damme. Now I had never seen that guy before, being a French intellectual I have my prejudices against Brussels muscle men -although I do love my English rocker’s swimming muscles… 🙂 , and in my milieu, we don’t look at such films! But Kevin convinced me to give it a go, as the action took place in New Orleans. And since we have been in New Orleans 2 years ago, we deeply miss it and look at everything featuring the city!

And anyway: I am a kick boxer, and I thought it could be useful to look at some real professionals.

Well, shame on me perhaps, but I loved the film! I won’t comment on it further for now, as I must go on with the stories of the paintings. Suffice to say, in the film we saw many places where we had been, and we became very nostalgic. We even planned another trip there this morning… just in our heads for now! I thought of the Saints cup we brought back.. and all the other stuff we got there at the Carnival, and I felt this all would make a great mug painting!

We were in New Orleans the night The Saints won the Superbowl, and I think I have never felt so emotional before, at least not about a sports victory. Probably the Gods up there on Mount Olympus were also celebrating the victory of their Saints, with all the thousands and thousands of people in the streets. It was AMAZING!  In memory we bought that wonderful mug, which we will always cherish more than any other. We got the beads following the Saints Parade on the following day. And the fabulous sunglasses the bear is wearing were given to me by an artist friend from New Orleans, whom we had met for the first time in the South of Spain, one year earlier. Really, what a night it was!

And now to the bear itself. His name is “Com’on Bear”, in French “Camembert”. Kevin gave him as a gift to his mother when she was diagnosed with cancer many many years ago, he was still a young boy, having just started his professional career as a musician. And when she died, not much later,  he just adopted her Bear… Camembert was not with us in New Orleans, but we gave him the beads and the glasses as we came back, and he never takes them off!

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Coffee and Cafe Art Gallery - by Miki

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Miki's Enchanted World

I Wish I was Pink

I Wish I Was Pink - by Miki

Inspired by my last Love Mug painting, Today I decided to make some more art work for my series “Coffee Cups”.

Some of you will think

“Oh, NOOOOOO! Not her bloody mugs again!”

Well, sorry, but YES! I love my mugs. I love to drink hot milk coffee out of them all, and I love to paint them. Apart from the new Valentines Love Mug, our collection has become bigger since I painted my last mug, and it is really time to give some of them the honour they deserve: being immortalized in a Miki painting!  🙂

Now, today something very special happened with one of my mugs, one more reason to grab my brushes. While I was working in my atelier, Kevin had prepared a coffee for me, as he always does. He is the coffee chef in the house. In fact he is the everything chef here. He likes to say

“I must be the only guy in the world with a French woman who cannot cook!”

Anyway, I left my atelier to go and look for the coffee. Kevin had prepared it in that wonderful mug he had bought for me in a fine arts shop in my home town Tarbes, in the French Pyrenees, as we were on our way to Italy last year. In fact the mug and its little matching plate with room for a cookie, was not for sale. It was exhibited in the shop as an example of stuff they did in their ceramic classes. The mug had been created and painted by the shop owner, and was not even ready to use, not having passed through the oven yet to fix the paint. But Kevin wanted it for me. I love pink, and this one had such an amazing unusual shade of pink, and such a great design on top of it. He took some effort and many charming smiles to persuade the woman to sell it to him. The mug and its plate travelled for 6 weeks with us,  all the way to Tuscany and back, and as we were back home Kevin put it in the oven according to the instructions given by the woman. A long cooking process, certainly more complicated than these fabulous gratin dauphinois or crepes au fromage which my mother, a perfect French woman, sometimes cooks for us when we visit. No, I am not losing my marbles right now: just mentioning it  because very soon we will go to my parents again and although we hypocritically say to my old Mom:

“Please, don’t cook for us, it is too much work!”

we secretly hope to get one of her food wonders!  🙂

Anyway the mug works fine now, the pink colour is coffee- and even dishwasher – safe. This afternoon it was waiting for me next to my computer, with one of my favourite cookies on the plate, one of these fabulous “double-choc biscuits” with tons of chocolate inside, a real chock for the senses! But they were not alone there. A little rainbow pig stood next to the mug, starring at it with wide-opened eyes. First I had thought the pig was after the cookie, but when I asked him what he wanted there, he just said

“I Wish I was Pink!”

If you like my new pink mug and the fancy pig, they are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the widgets below to access my FAA store

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Coffee and Cafe Art Gallery - By Miki

And more generally you can see ALL THE STUFF I paint by going to my gallery “Miki’s Enchanted World”. Just click -gently!- on my face.

Mugs back in The Shack

I love coffee cups and I love painting  them… is there still in the world somebody ignoring that important fact?  🙂

About 3 years ago I exhibited for the first time some of my beloved mugs paintings  in a new cafe-bakery in Turre called “The Pasty Shack”. We loved to go there and get our warm baguette everyday. Unfortunately the Shack closed and my mugs came back home.

Some months ago the Shack reopened its doors with new owners from the UK, Neil and Mags. But this time as  a cafe-bakery and restaurant. Shortly before Christmas we went there for a typical English Christmas dinner including Turkey, with a chestnut stuffing, pigs in blanket, roast potatoes. carrots, Brussel sprouts and cabbage and crispy onion. The whole lot crowned by an incredible Christmas pudding. I have never before had an English Christmas menu in my life, and I know the best way to describe my feeling is:

I want it again next year!

We deeply enjoyed our meal and the whole atmosphere of the new shack. One day in January we went back there to try some of the other English specialities. I had seen on the menu “Jacket Potatoes with Cheddar Cheese”, and me being a huge fan of potatoes and cheese, I had to have them.

Well, what a delight for my tongue and tummy!!!!!

And when I think that my arrogant French compatriots say that English food is a nightmare, I must say, even at the risk of being ‘disenfrenchised’:

they haven’t got a clue about food, these Froggies!!!!!

While we were waiting for the meal, Neil came to our table asking if we knew a certain Miki. Yes, we did…  🙂 He had found on the net in a blog a post about the old Pasty Shack, showing some photos of coffee mugs by Miki. He asked if I still had them, as he would love to have them back in the Shack.

So, this afternoon Kevin went to The Pasty shack and hung my Mugs back up… I am glad that they are there, they love the smell of English food and it it is like a second home for them!

Mikis Mugs in The Pasty Shack in Turre

“If it were not for caffeine, I’d have no personality whatsoever…”

Miki's Mugs in The Pasty Shack in Turre

If you can’t come to the Pasty Shack to buy a print or greeting cards of my mugs, just click on the widget below

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But if you want some English turkey or jacket potatoes, I am sorry, I don’t sell them in my shop online, you will have to come personally to The Pasty Shack in Turre, Andalucia!

Serpa – 6 – (Travel Sketches Portugal 2009)

Some other people from Serpa, hanging around on cafes (You can see a firts series of Serpa people sketches here )

Serpa 32 2009 SYou can read the funny story connected to this sketch, “The tiniest Coffee in The World”,  in Cafe Crem

Serpa 33 2009 SI hadn;t really time to finish this sketch. The guy left suddenly his contemplative position, got up and went away, I guess his beer was finished. I can’t remember what all the stuff on the right side is, it looks weird to me, but it was certainly there  🙂

Serpa 34 2009 STh tiniest coffee cup in the world (from the story above) reappeared in another cofe, as you can see it. i guess Portuguese drink such kind of awful stuff…

If you wonder what the lion and the rosa elephant and the blue hippopotamus are doing there… they were little toys hanging to a baby pushchair. I have no idea though if there was a baby in the chair, I haven;t seen him all the time these people were sitting there. Sleeping probably..

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