The Spotted Cat in New Orleans

The Sotted Cat in New Orleans 04 - by Miki

Yesterday I started a series of paintings, called “Music in New Orleans”, based on photos and memories from my stay there, from the 1st until the 12th of February 2010. It was an accident that we arrived  in the time building up to the Mardi Gras festivities, and, even more special, to the Super Bowl Final featuring The Saints from New Orleans against The Colts from Indianapolis. The ones who were in the town during these days know what an exceptional time they have witnessed…

Due to the town itself, and to these special events, we spent an incredible time there, full of extremely emotional moments, with the result that we have now declared the town as our second “home town”. Another important factor was that we were re-acquainted there with a wonderful guy called Ted, whom we had met for the first time last Summer in Sanlucar de Barrameda (Andalucia, Provincia de Cadiz) on our way to Portugal. Ted is originally from New Orleans and is actually spending his life between Sanlucar and New Orleans, As we met him in Sanlucar, we both, Kevin and me, felt that we were on the same wavelength, and it was so touching to meet again in New Orleans.

As he says himself, we are now “friends for ever”.

I have been confronted with New Orleans music in some different ways, in live gigs in bars,  in the street, at the Mardi Gras and the Saints parade. Unfortunately I did not do as many photos and sketches as I should have done, being much too busy enjoying the whole stuff! But well, I will make do with what I have. And anyway the memories are still very alive within me, it should help!

I start the series with 2 paintings from a bar deliciously called “The Spotted Cat”, on Frenchmen Street. This was one of the first places we went to, the very first night in New Orleans,. There was a Jazz band playing there, called “The Jazz Vipers”: they were simply wonderful. I am generally not a jazz fan, but I must say that these guys amazed me, all of them, not only in their instrumental playing, but also in their singing and general attitude. They just sounded and looked TRUE. If we come back to New Orleans one day -and we will do everything we can to make it happen!-, this will be the first band I want to see again, this is for sure!

In my portraits blog you can see a painting of two of the Jazz Vipers. But you know, even when they were not playing, they were extremely artistic: my eye was caught by this wonderful still life in the break…

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May the Advent Light Always Shine on You

There is hardly a feast which has some emotional importance to me, except Christmas and Advent. I do love Christmas, even if I have been forced many times to spend it in a way which did not match my dreams… but well, these times are past now, and I am looking forward to Christmas this year with the impatience of a child… although, to be honest, we both are far too impatient to wait until the right moment to discover our mutual gifts. This is a huge mistake, it tales a little bit away the charm of the Christmas gifts unwrapping, but on the other side, it allows us to enjoy these gifts a longer time… my rational excuse to my impatience! What we have got this year is something very special, something which massively increases the life quality of our “Palace of Pleasure” how we now call our home…. I might show you at some point!

I was really confronted with the Advent time first when I went to live in Germany, and I loved it a lot! Spending 4 weeks actively waiting for Christmas, with all kind of nice things like Advent Calendars, Advent Kranz. etc is simply the right way to lead to the Christmas climax. I especially love the tradition of lightening a new candle on each Advent Sunday, starting 4 weeks before Christmas.I have lightened the first candle today, unfortunately alone, as Kevin is away,  gigging in Belgium

So here we are, today is the first Advent and here is my piece for you.

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Flowers for my Friend

Flowers for my Friend S

pour mon amie Emma….

This morning I woke up with a very special friend to my French friend Emma, one of the persons I most admire in the world. I created this bunch of flowers for her, my way to present  her my best wishes for her beginning carreer. She is a wonderful therapist… and soon to contract online! But unfortunately only for the French speaking people… although I must dsay, she is so good at what she does, that it would be worth to learn French just to get your psycho problems fixed by her!  🙂

Big hugs, Pomme, and I wish you the very best, which you anyway deserve!

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Don’t Touch my Children!

Dont touch my childrenOne more painting/design for the World Turlte Day which is…


When I was painting it, I was especially thinking of my friend Pomme..

no, she is not a tortoise  ( 🙂 ), but somehow, she always take her own shell to defend her children

against THE BAD in her world…

This is why i dedicated this painting to her,


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A quiet moment on the balcony

james-spader-with-text-sA short time ago we  finished watching the American series

“Boston legal”

and I must say that it is one of my favourite series all time, perhaps even THE favourite.

I love the humour in it, and more than anything I love the friendship between the two male main characters, “Alan Shore” and “Denny Crane”.

As the series was finished, it was really sad for me, as if I was losing some friends of mine…

So, the best way to get them back now is to spend some time with them, making their portraits. I wanted to catch them both in this wonderful moment they were spending on their balcony, smoking a cigar, at the end of each episode, and sharing wise thoughts about themselves and the world. I started with Alan, Denny will follow soon.

My God, how I miss these

quiet moments on their balcony!

2009 Valentines Countdown 8 : Spread a Little Love…


8 days until Valentines!

Some days ago I started the 2009 Valentines countdown, presenting you “Love takes Flight!” the first of the Valentines eCards I have created especially for Valentines 2009.

Now I will post everyday and until the 14th of February a new one, hoping to put you in the right loving and declaring frame of mind!

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2009 Valentines Countdown 10 : Love Takes flight….


The Valentines Countdown has started…. 10 days until Valentines!

It will be Valentines soon, don’t forget on that day to let all the people you love know that you love them… not only your wife, husband, partner, but your friends too, your children, your parents…

I have created love Ecards with all my beloved people in my mind and now I will post everyday and until the 14th of February a new one, hoping to put you in the right loving and declaring frame of mind.

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But I tell you one thing already: