Oscar Wilde in Dublin

To be natural is simply a pose…

My last post in this blog was about Phil Lynott, how “I met” him at his grave. I was describing the pain I suffered intensely visiting the cemetery where he is buried, related to the recent and sudden death of my brother… Well, I just found out that the object of this post today, Oscar Wilde, is somehow very related to my brother too, even if not in the happiest way: they are both buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris! I wished I had known that as I walked through the Père Lachaise in February, but on the other hand, I doubt I would have been in the mood to search for his grave, which is why I renounced to searching for Jim Morrison and many other celebrities buried there…

Anyway, here he is, almost alive, Oscar Wilde in Dublin.

This watercolour painting was inspired by a tribute statue seen in Dublin’s Merrion Square park . I will quote here the words I just found in the net and which I find very good:

“… This may be the only statue in the history of statues both to totally capture the subject’s personality and do to it in a way that would have amused the hell out of him. What a portrait!

Across the walkway are two square marble columns covered in Wilde witticisms. The words are carved into the marble in a way that looks like Wilde’s original handwriting, making it look like graffiti from a distance. One column is topped with a small sculpture of a kneeling woman, and the other of man’s torso, both of which seem ill-fitting with the rest of the installation. But the rest of it is so perfect that I don’t even care.

The sculptor is Danny Osborne. The marker says it was commissioned by the Guinness Ireland Group and unveiled on October 28, 1997… “

The woman in the painting above is “the kneeling woman” the person is referring too. I do agree with her criticism of “ill-fitting with the rest of the installation”, but I do love the subject as a painting motif. Especially with the quote …

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Watercoloured Words

In my new artist website www.mikidegoodaboom.com, I have put together, in form of electronic books, poetry which my partner Kev Moore has written, inspired by some of my paintings. So far I have published 2 books:

“A Brush with Poetry”    and     “Watercoloured Words”.

The ” Brush with Poetry” collection is older, more or less from the time just after we met. The artworks are mainly painted in gouache and acrylics.

Recently Kev Moore got inspired by another kind of artworks, mainly painted in watercolour.

In both books it is so far only a short selection of paintings and poems, but I will gradually add more pages.

Also I will certainly add some more poetry books, but it is quite a work to put everything together and I need more time. The next will be a book of the poetry written by Helen Losse, an American poet. She had been inspired by some of my Fantascapes and Landscapes.

So, if you are interested, go to my new website and have a look at the books. At the beginning of the books Kev Moore and I tell about the process of creating these pieces together. And also, less but not least, it is really FUN to flip the pages, it is almost like a real book!

So here you go

A Brush with Poetry

Watercoloured Words

PS: If you are a poet, or any kind of writer, famous or not, and you feel inspired by any of my paintings and want to write about them, or already have , please contact me. It would be a pleasure for me to publish your written work in my website.

In Search of Duende: Buxton Festival in The Peak District

Three weeks ago I received a lovely mail with following words:

Dear Miki

I’m writing from Buxton Festival, an opera, classical music and literary festival in Derbyshire, UK. We’re just about to go to print with our 2011 brochure and we’re trying to find an image to use for the brochure entry of one of our afternoon concerts ‘In search of Duende – the Spirit of Spain’. I came across your wonderful Flamencoscape 05 painting which I think captures some of the emotional intensity and power associated with ‘Duende’, and wondered if you would be happy for us to use this image….”

Flamenco Art by Miki

I, and above all, Kevin, was over the moon. As I replied to the lady, Kevin is from Derby, (with family from Matlock) so he knows the Buxton festival very well. And we both have even been together in Buxton and I was sketching with a deep pleasure in the Peak District on our way back from a long trip from Spain to the North of Scotland.

I am very happy and proud to announce that this painting has now been chosen to represent not only the Spanish afternoon concert, but also the whole music section in the printed brochure. I was also happy to hear that the singer of the “Duende” piece and the director really liked the image. What more can I ask as an artist!!!

The Brochure

The Buxton Festival which will take place this year from the 9th to the 27th of July (2011).

As written in their website, the festival is

“A feast of opera, music and literature, set in the beautiful Peak District”

I wished I were there, really. Not only because I love opera, music and literature, but because I love the Peak District too. As I said before, we have been there on our way up to Scotland, almost 3 years ago now, and also on the way back.We were in Buxton itself too, a beautiful town as I remember. It was even sunny that day, although the whole trip so far had taken place under rain. In the Peak District I adored the fields full of sheep, the tiny little stone houses and the long little stone walls crossing the fields everywhere …

After visiting Buxton, I spent the rest of the day in the countryside, sketching the sheep and the stone walls!

The Peak District - by Miki

Travelsketches in inks and watercolour

The Peak District - by Miki

In Search of Lost Hope…

Illustrations by Emmanuel Baliyanga

Some time ago I presented a new artist to you, new to me and new to most of the world I reckon – Emmanuel Baliyanga, born in Rwanda and now living in Cameroon. Apart from being an accomplished artist, he is working right now in a book publishing company, making books designs and covers. In the meanwhile, we have developed a great relationship, and I gradually discover this wonderful guy who never ceases to surprise me,

I managed to convince Emmanuel to start showing his work in the internet, something he thought was impossible as I met him, considering the little logistic facilities in his country. He did not realise. I think, that it does not matter where you are, as long as you can get a connection to the internet, you can always exhibit your work there without facilities of your own, apart from the possibility to digitally photograph or scan your work.. I explained to him that there are now many galleries for artists on the net, where you can upload your work, have your own exhibiting space, etc. There is not really something like Africa on the net.

Well, the result being that Emmanuel has now got his own gallery in Fine Art America, in Art Majeur and in my 2 theme sites Painting by Countries and Painting the Music. Recently he has even started his own blog, called “Painting Africa”. I am extremely impressed by his work, his courage and his intelligence. His past life has been a tragedy, and has destroyed in him the ability to hope, but when I see all these qualities which inhabit him, I can’t help to hope that he will find hope again. I have no doubt that the world will love to discover him and his work, as I have done,  and we all together will certainly contribute to give him his hope back.

I post here an example of a work he did. He illustrated a dictionary about Negro-African celebrities. the dictionary is full of portraits by him of these celebrities. He also designed the cover, which I found wonderful. And if you want to see more,  especially the back cover of the book, go to his blog.

He will post regularly there his new paintings, and also his past work, books illustrations, newspapers caricatures, etc.

African Odes and Songs in Homage To Barack Obama

I have the pleasure to announce today that one of my Obama portraits, “Yes We Can”, has been chosen as a book cover. And what a book!

A book called

Odes et Chansons Africaines

en Hommage a Barack Obama

(African Odes and songs, in homage to Barack Obama)

A book written by Marcelline Sibylle Ngono Bene, Doctor in Literature and African Civilisations, Master of Conferences at The University of Yaoundé and General Inspector of Academic Matters at the Ministry of Higher Education.

I adore the fact that my portrait serves this aim, and it will be a very emotional moment for me when I receive my dedicated copy…

I hope I will be able then to translate some of them in English. In fact, I am waiting to get it to see if a translation from French to English of the whole book could be possible. I am quite sure that a lot of people in the world would be interested in the content…

My special thanks to Emmanuel Baliyanga -a great artist himself by the way, check here– in charge of the book design and who found and chose my portrait.

Obama’s portrait painting is available as Giclee print, in different sizes and different formats, in my FAA Gallery:

Sell Art Online

The Unreasonable Man

Last spring I was suddenly involved in a poetry book illustration project… and here is the result:I am proud to announce today the publication of this book, called

“The Unreasonable Man”

Book Cover The unreasonable man

and written by the Australian poet

Tariq Segal.

In his own words

“Well…  I’m thrilled to announce, the release of my book, my thoughts about life, through the years that this took.
Glad that it’s finished, and glad that I spent, time penning my thoughts, letting emotions vent…”

The book is designed as a coffee table poetry book. It contains 60 of Tariq’s favourite poems with each poem accompanied by either an illustration or photograph.

Tariq says:

“.. I think the artwork alone is worth owning a copy, and being able to review my thoughts as well can only but confirm your own sanity…”

Well I must confess,, most of these illustrations, about 50 I guess, are my paintings. 🙂

And here is what I have written in the preface of the book:

“Having myself been an „unreasonable“ person from the very beginning of my life, my encounter with The Unreasonable Man could not fail. As I started reading his poetry, I felt at once a deep connection to his wild world of thoughts, passion and revolt, and agreed at once to become with my art, a part of it.

I was amazed to see how many of my paintings seemed to have been created exactly for his poems,  illustrating in vibrant colours, lines, forms and structures what the poet is saying in words and the empty spaces in between.

But not each of his poems found its rightful painting.. We both collaborated in a weird process of  re-creation, by which  the characters featured in some of my paintings started to assume a life of their own, moving and wandering around, invading Tariq’s universe of poetry, in search of their own particular place among his words. Sometimes they even ended up taking possession of other paintings, either chasing the original occupants away or, more peacefully, finding their place at their side. You will understand what I mean when you look at the original works through my websites!

Anyway, to work on the illustration of „The Unreasonable Man“ was a totally new and very exciting experience in dealing with my own art, seeing me naturally „forcing“ them to interact and fit to the words.

I want to thank Tariq for this wonderful experience and his wise and creative advice in the choice of the paintings.“

For those of you interested in the musings of this troubled mind the book can be purchased online from the US  at:
1.       Amazon.com : http://www.amazon.com/dp/098052380X
2.       Createspace.com : https://www.createspace.com/3354416

The books are also available through Tariq Segal himself, above all for those of you who are in Australia. If you are interested please contact Tariq at


The Window

About 30 years ago, when I was living in Germany I started writing… by that I mean, I could write before of course, the way we learn it in school… but at that time I had a husband who was a writer, and he kind of brought me towards expressing myself with words. I loved it at once, and in fact I must say, even running the risk of disappointing the fans of my art,  that writing has been always more important to me than painting. Unfortunately I gradually stopped writing many years ago as I moved to Spain. The reason being that here, in Spain, because of the extreme international tourism, all languages are spoken, and being conversant in a lot of them I started speaking in all these languages at the same time. The result being an increasing incapacity to focus on any particular one, which is necessary when you have the pretence to write any literary piece..

But now, since I am living with Kevin and being very active in the English speaking blogosphere, my language seems again to focus, on the English language this time. It will take many more years though until I will be able to express myself the way I need to, but here is a start. I am adapting right now some poems I wrote at that time in Germany… all black stuff, I know, but it went down and down with the husband and it was a tough time for me…

Being a big fan of connecting artistic disciplines, I will present these poems on backgrounds inspired by my own paintings… you see, no need to fear I would give painting up now, I need it at least for my poems!!!   🙂


Bubble Boy – 12 –


(Bubble Boy – 1 -) (Bubble Boy – 11 -)

I have started to publish Bubble Boy, my illustrated tale for Children  (small children and big children…) in Cafe Literati. I will post here the illustrations, twice the week, Mondays and Thursdays, with a link to the texts in Cafe Literati.

Here we go!

(next instalment on Thursday 12th February 2009)

Bubble Boy – 9 –


(Bubble Boy – 1 -) (Bubble Boy – 8 -)

I have started to publish Bubble Boy, my illustrated tale for Children  (small children and big children…) in Cafe Literati. I will post here the illustrations, twice the week, Mondays and Thursdays, with a link to the texts in Cafe Literati.

Here we go!

(next instalment on Monday 2nd February 2009)

Bubble Boy – 8 –


(Bubble Boy – 1 -) (Bubble Boy – 7 -)

I have started to publish Bubble Boy, my illustrated tale for Children  (small children and big children…) in Cafe Literati. I will post here the illustrations, twice the week, Mondays and Thursdays, with a link to the texts in Cafe Literati.

Here we go!

(next instalment on Thursday 29th January 2009)