A Kiss in Dublin

I have already published in this blog diverse new art works inspired by statues and sculptures seen in Dublin, Ireland, during my last painting trip in April 2013. Here is my most recent one, which I just finished:

“The Kiss”

Now there are many kisses paintings in the world, the most famous and one of my favourite ones being by Gustav Klimt. In cases like this, I always wonder if it is worth adding another piece to a large collection, asking myself what is the point and if I shouldn’t rather use my creative energy in painting something nobody else painted… but I loved that statue, and I simply could not resist!

Just browsing the net to find out who the sculptor is, I found this wonderful review:

“… Rowan Gillespie’s artwork is scattered all around the city. He is an international renowned sculptor and a lot of his work is made in Blackrock Dublin.

This is probably my favourite sculpture of his and stands opposite the National Concert Hall. It’s so romantic to me! Yes I am a softie, but there is something magical about it. A piece of human warmth cast in bronze situated in an impersonal part of the city. It just reminds you of what is important and lasts beyond the materialism.

Although the people having a fag break outside their office looked at me like a mentalist as I stood there admiring it. So if you don’t mind looking a bit daft, have a gander down to it and a stare!..”

The statue itself features the two lovers in full length. What one cannot see on the painting is that the woman is standing on her tiptoes to be able to reach the man’s mouth, which one can perhaps guess, seeing how much she has to extend her neck! A wonderful, very emotional position…

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Old Retold

Old Retold: Getting Old and Lovin’ It!

Some days ago I was contacted by a woman from the USA, Teri Bult, telling me about her relatively new website – http://www.oldretold.com – dedicated to people who are getting old, but are proud of their age. She has a feature on her site that highlights the work of professional photographers and artists whose subject matter is elderly people. She kindly wrote that I have wonderful paintings of old people that she would like to put on her site, and asked me for my permission.

(Homepage of “Old Retold”)

I was deeply charmed by the name of the site, “Old Retold” and so, what with me loving elderly people, and finding this project very nice, I agreed to be part of it with some of my paintings from the series “My Dear Old People”. I let her have the choice of the ones she wanted to use, trusting that she would know exactly which ones better fit her purpose. On the screen shot of the homepage above, you can see on the right side, that Teri has already published my paintings, 28 altogether, making a wonderful job of it. I can’t really explain it, but I do feel very emotional about it. I love to see my paintings in their happy environment of elderly people having fun being older!

Here are two of the paintings she chose.

In April 2011, I was biking along the city walls of the town of Lucca (Tuscany, north-west of Italy), as I suddenly saw these two elderly ladies sitting on a bench, deep in an obviously funny conversation. They seemed to have many secrets to tell each other! I so much loved the scene that I stopped biking, hid behind a tree, took my travel painting pad out of my bag (always have a sketching pad with me, wherever I am) and started sketching them. I added the watercolours later at home.

This watercolour painting is called “The Men from Tàrbena”. Tàrbena is a little Spanish mountain town quite near the tourist places of the Costa Blanca such as Benidorm, Altea and Calpe. I had rented a house in that town for a week, with the intention to paint the town and its people. I saw these men sitting on a bench in the main square, by the church. I adored the colours and fun of this motif, the men looking so relaxed enjoying their togetherness and life. Also I liked the structure of the wall behind them – if I remember well, it was the church wall – which looked like shimmering soap bubbles. Even funnier was the painting I did of 3 women from Tàrbena (perhaps their wives?) standing in a house entrance in a side street. The contrast was so striking! I won’t post the painting here -too scary!-, but if you want to see it, just browse “My Dear Old People” gallery: you won’t miss the women from Tàrbena!

Teri has also a nice new project on her site, called “Then and Now”:

Embrace Your Age!

Show the world how MARVELOUS you look!!

If you want to know more about it, and perhaps participate, (and also see how Miki de Goodaboom looked like when she was 20 years old… I am sure you are curious about it! 🙂 ), just go to Then and Now

Thank you, Teri, for this wonderful idea, and good luck with your great site!

I am sure that many elderly people around the world will find a little bit of a new home there!

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My Dear Old People in Cyprus 01

As I was travelling through Portugal some years ago I had started sketching old people, together or lonely. And last year when I was in Italy I got the idea to make a series about old people from around the world, meaning, wherever I go, I try to capture them in their special loneliness or togetherness. A theme very dear to my heart, as I am generally very fond of our senior citizens, loving to see them still enjoying life, and hating to see them lonely. I called the series:

“My Dear Old People”

I have painted so far old people from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Republic Czech and Morocco. And now from Cyprus.

I had hardly a chance to catch sight of old people in Ayia Napa, it being more oriented towards fun and youth I would say.  It was certainly better  in our next port of call, in Nicosia, the “last divided” capital in the world, apparently – and especially in the Turkish part of it. We had entered it on foot, via the “No Borders Street”, and got a three month visa at the end of it. A very weird feeling by the way. I meant to do a painting of that street full of poignant graffiti and political slogans, but somehow I felt that it would be some kind of inappropriate voyeurism and I let the motif go… It hurt though!

Most of the tourists who had crossed seemed to stay close to the border, not daring to venture further, probably scared of what would befall them. Much blood had been spilled in the  Turkish/Greek conflict in Cyprus, so perhaps it was better to be careful. But Kevin and me, we are two daredevils and we walked a long way away. In fact I wanted to have a better look at the mountain on which an enormous  Turkish flag was painted. But after many kilometres the mountain still hadn’t appeared, as if it vanished once one was in Turkey!

Instead I saw these two old men walking the street together… just wonderful!

Together Old in Cyprus 02 - Watercolour and ink painting, by Miki

I don’t really like to photograph old people, too scared to offend them. So if I want to paint them, I have to be quick, or have a good photographic memory. In fact, no, scratch that, I haven’t got such a memory, it does not work with me, my brain is a machine which transforms everything my eyes see into a mathematical form, and there is hardly any way for me to transform it back into a picture when I need it. So, I have normally to make a sketch on the site, or take a quick photo when they don’t look. Neither of these 2 alternatives is easy. Sometimes the sketches are good enough, other times I have to redo them at home.

Old and Lonely in Cyprus 01 – Watercolour and ink painting, by Miki

I saw the old woman knitting in an old open-air building, with interesting multiple arch architecture, and a kind of inside patio. Through the combination of the warm old stones and the blue sunny sky above  the light inside there was simply divine. The place was vibrant, full of people sitting around, most of them were men though.  And there were also plenty of great motifs for my old people series

That woman did look immersed in her activity, so I thought I could perhaps risk a photo. I observed her for a while first, and came to the conclusion that she didn’t lose one detail of everything which was going on around her! One might think that old people are often absent-minded … no way! They rarely miss a thing, and considering their wisdom -which is not a myth…-  and their life experience, they don’t need long to understand what is going on.

So I went away and made a fast sketch from a distance, drawing only the main lines. The painting is based on that sketch.

Together Old in Cyprus 01 - Watercolour and ink painting, by Miki

I adored that motif of these 4 old guys sitting together around a table and intensely chatting behind a book stand. I don’t believe they were discussing any of the books, as there were no books on the table. Curious as I am, I would have loved to know what they were talking about!

A difficult theme though, but I did my best… One will notice that James Patterson is also read in Turkish Nicosia!

Old and Lonely in Cyprus 02 - Watercolour and ink painting, by Miki

This old guy and the whole stuff around was certainly a delight for my artist’s eyes!

I think every scene I saw in that building was a potential painting as such and I wished I had had time to paint some more. But we had to head back to the other part of Nicosia,  not before having a well-deserved  “occupied latte” which I will publish in this blog later when I start presenting my new ‘travel mugs’ series…

There will be more paintings from my dear old people in Cyprus, but it is enough for now. The walk through the Turkish part of Nicosia was really like a trip to another continent, and the paintings done there should be treated separately, I feel. I would like to add that these four have been done on a very simple sketching paper, usually used for pencil and certainly not adequate for watercolour painting. But I had nothing else with me. It is interesting though to see that this paper is taking the watercolour in a very weird way, it sucks it inside instantaneously, and the colour vanishes slightly from the surface, giving the paintings some kind of  old fashioned, ancient look and consequently  historic depth. And somehow, I feel, it suits very well the motifs and the place. So, ultimately, I am quite happy about it.

Oh yes, for those who don’t know where is Nicosia, or Cyprus, here it is (according to Google Map):

Nicosia, Cyprus

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Rory McIlroy: Total Eclipse… but The Tiger is getting his stripes back!

Total Eclipse, Rory Mcilroy – by Miki

Well, he has done it: Rory McIlroy is now the best golfer in the world! He won the Honda Classic in Florida yesterday and with this win he eventually realised his childhood dream of being the first in The Official World Golf Ranking. It was not only his dream by the way, it was mine too: I had spotted Rory many years ago, as he had just joined the international circuit, and I knew at once he would be one of the best, and perhaps the best.

Last year I did the “Total Eclipse” artwork and wrote following words  in my portraits blog:

“On the evening of the second day of the US Open 2011, I made this painting of Rory Mcilroy. I had followed him with delight , to see how he had taken, kept and even consolidating the lead.I had discovered Rory some years ago, and was immediately captivated by the purity, strength and speed of his swing. As an artist I am addicted to beauty, in my case especially in the beauty of movement,and Rory’s swing is a BEAUTY, probably the best I have ever seen. And as a passionate golfer myself, of course, how could I not love it!!!

Well he did it, he learned from the recent Augusta experience and succeeded in winning. And not only to win, he broke many records, 12 if I remember well, What a tournament! The best moment being as he hugged his Dad on that Father’s day, and later, dedicated him the Cup.”

Now, this post won’t be only about Rory. It will also be about Tiger Woods. As he returned to the golf scene -was it about one year ago? I don’t exactly remember – and was not playing that well, many said that he was finished. I remember having written somewhere that such a Tiger can’t be finished so fast. Whatever he has done in his private life, it concerns only him and his family. It is not up to me to judge him. But what I know is that he has been such a fantastic golfer all these years, and he is so “driven”, so ambitious, that nothing will stop him to try to be on the top of the golf world again. And he is technically and psychologically good enough to not let that ambition rule and destroy his game.

And well, after having seen him this weekend, I must say that I was right. Tiger is undoubtedly getting his stripes back!!!

Earn your stripes - by Miki

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Trip to Morocco 02

Moroccan Market 01 - by Miki

As promised in my last post “Trip to Morocco 01”, I have created some more watercolour paintings from Morocco, focussing on the Moroccan markets. The markets are I think what most amazed me there, probably even more than the tourist attractions such as the Medinas of Marrakesh and Essaouira.

In the painting above, there is a woman sitting by the side of the steps, one of the rare women I saw in these markets. But I was told by a local that the women do go to the markets, just very early in the morning, while we are still sleeping, dreaming of our breakfast… They know exactly what they want and  do their shopping very quickly. For the men, however, it seems to be more of a social event . I also got the impression that the men buy and sell all kinds of tat, just for the sake of it! It reminded me of my boyfriends and brothers when they were small, they just spent their time swapping whatever they had!

Like these guys in the painting below… no idea what that lively old man eagerly stepping across on the white board was expecting to buy from the seller sat on the ground… I personally saw only little bits of wood there!

Moroccan Market 02 - by Miki

I’m wondering also what the two guys were looking so fascinated by in the little bucket… some worms probably (!) … but I did not dare to go nearer to check… I just took a photo and escaped before I got shouted at!

Moroccan Market 03 - by Miki

The Moroccan Market 03 is in fact part of my series “My dear old people”, and is called (“Together Old in Morocco 01”), featuring old people from around the world, in their daily life, lonely or together. A series very dear to my heart, as I have a very sweet spot for all people. Here is another one

Together Old in Morocco 02 - by Miki

These two old guys looked so sweet!!!!! Portraits in watercolour is not so easy, and I have hardly painted any in my life, being more used to portraying in pastel and coloured pencils.  But well, it will do for now. It would be worth a real portrait though, focussing on the faces… one day maybe! As we say in Spain “Manana!”, meaning “probably never!”

So, enough with Moroccan markets for today, it’s time to go home and eat now!  🙂

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Loneliness in Old Age in Italy

Old and Lonely in Italy 02 - by Miki


Seen and painted in Cortona, Tuscany, Italy at the entrance of a wine shop. Watercolour and ink.

Old and Lonely in Italy 04 - by Miki


Seen and painted in the medieval town Montepulciano Tuscan. Watercolour and some ink.

Old and Lonely in Italy 05 - by Miki


Seen and painted in Colle d’Val d’Elsa in Tuscany, Italy. To tell the whole truth, the olf guy was not really sitting alone at that cafe table… and the bottle of wine was not THAT big!  🙂 But fits well into the series.


Togetherness in Old Age in Italy

Together old in Italy 01 - by Miki

Travel sketch in ink and watercolour. From the new series “Togetherness and Loneliness in Old Age”.

I spotted these 2 ladies on a bench in Lucca, on the promenade on the city wall. I was delighted by the expressions in their faces, also by the contrast between their black clothes and their faces and the coloured background. I did a quick sketch, but in the heat of the moment, listening to all these secrets they were telling each other, i forgot to take a photograph to refer too later.. Well, just a sketch, but quite funny I think, and quite typical for how I perceived old women in Italy: still enjoying life!

Together old in Italy 04 - by Miki

I spotted this old “couple” in Pietrasanta (Tuscany I think… too lazy to check if Pietrasanta is really still in Tuscany!). Another way not be lonely in old age, a certainly very rewarding one…

Together old in Italy 05 - by Miki

And I saw these 2 guys chatting in the sea town Camogli on the Italian Riviera. Simply a great motif!

Togetherness and Loneliness in Old Age

Together Old in Italy 01 - by Miki

As I was travelling through Italy in April and May 2011, I decided to start a series called “Loneliness and Togetherness in Old Age”. The idea of the series came as I saw this striking old couple in Montepulciano, Tuscany. I had painted an old couple once before , it was during my Portugal trip in 2008, an old couple walking through the streets of Lisbon, a simple but striking sketch which received many compliments and has been featured on many occasions all around the world  (such as a magazine cover related to International Old Peoples Day in Costa Rica…).

So here it is, the first Togetherness in Italy,painted in watercolour and ink on site. Well, the drawing has been done there (secretly, I had to hide not to disturb the scene), the colours have been added later in the day at home (well, in the motorhome).

I love old people, somehow when I look at them, the expression in their eyes, the whole body language, I get very emotional. I absolutely can’t stand that they get hurt in any way, physically or psychologically, it just breaks my heart. This is why it will be an immense joy for me to work on this new series. I plan to follow the series in all the countries we are visiting, of course I wished I had had that idea before! But well, “mieux vaut tard que jamais!”

There are big differences between the European countries, how the old people take part in public life. I was amazed and so happy to see them everywhere in Italy, in the streets, the parks, the beaches… I remember from my time in Germany for example that in the big towns one hardly saw old people outside.. anyway, it will be very interesting to carry out this project, to see the differences, to see how old men and old women behave publicly differently according to the country… a big project this, a little bit scary perhaps,but I think this is the best homage I can render as an artist to Old People!

And here is the first of the Loneliness series. That old lady was sleeping on the bench, late afternoon, somewhere in Tuscany. I found the scene very touching. Makes me want to cry, somehow…

Old and Alone in Italy 01 - by Miki

These paintings are available as Giclee prints in many dimensions and as Greeting Cards. If you are interested to purchase some,  visit my Fine Art America Gallery or drop me a line

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2011 Valentines Countdown 08: The Key to My Heart

The Key To My Heart - by Miki

In fact this artwork is called

“You will always have the key to my heart!”

and no way anybody who knows me could not know who is the (hopefully lucky) eternal owner of that key:


of course!

And you know what? He might be lucky to have the key, but the really lucky person in the story is myself: I thank fate everyday to have put in my way that guy, he is to me a divine gift!

Now, I hope I won’t upset him but I have to tell here a little story which was the inspiration for this artwork. As I divorced from my first German husband, we had still feelings for each other,  but well, the daily life of a couple is quite a tough job and mutual feelings are often not enough to deal with it. The day we divorced, we left the court building together and out there, in front of the door,  he pulled out a little box and handed it to me.

Inside was a heart-shaped potato, and a key, and engraved on the key were the words:

“You will always have the key to my heart”

Now, you might think that the potato was not quite romantic for the occasion, but well, we both loved our Kartoffeln, so it was quite appropriate, very funny and very touching too …

Anyway, I will never forget this scene, even if I have lost the key along the way… and I wish that  all people who once were in love would be able to part without hate, if their characters and/or life circumstances don’t allow them to go on together. One of the saddest things in the world to me is to see couples who were once passionately in love, fighting and hating each other.


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In Search of Lost Hope…

Illustrations by Emmanuel Baliyanga

Some time ago I presented a new artist to you, new to me and new to most of the world I reckon – Emmanuel Baliyanga, born in Rwanda and now living in Cameroon. Apart from being an accomplished artist, he is working right now in a book publishing company, making books designs and covers. In the meanwhile, we have developed a great relationship, and I gradually discover this wonderful guy who never ceases to surprise me,

I managed to convince Emmanuel to start showing his work in the internet, something he thought was impossible as I met him, considering the little logistic facilities in his country. He did not realise. I think, that it does not matter where you are, as long as you can get a connection to the internet, you can always exhibit your work there without facilities of your own, apart from the possibility to digitally photograph or scan your work.. I explained to him that there are now many galleries for artists on the net, where you can upload your work, have your own exhibiting space, etc. There is not really something like Africa on the net.

Well, the result being that Emmanuel has now got his own gallery in Fine Art America, in Art Majeur and in my 2 theme sites Painting by Countries and Painting the Music. Recently he has even started his own blog, called “Painting Africa”. I am extremely impressed by his work, his courage and his intelligence. His past life has been a tragedy, and has destroyed in him the ability to hope, but when I see all these qualities which inhabit him, I can’t help to hope that he will find hope again. I have no doubt that the world will love to discover him and his work, as I have done,  and we all together will certainly contribute to give him his hope back.

I post here an example of a work he did. He illustrated a dictionary about Negro-African celebrities. the dictionary is full of portraits by him of these celebrities. He also designed the cover, which I found wonderful. And if you want to see more,  especially the back cover of the book, go to his blog.

He will post regularly there his new paintings, and also his past work, books illustrations, newspapers caricatures, etc.