Watercoloured Words

In my new artist website www.mikidegoodaboom.com, I have put together, in form of electronic books, poetry which my partner Kev Moore has written, inspired by some of my paintings. So far I have published 2 books:

“A Brush with Poetry”    and     “Watercoloured Words”.

The ” Brush with Poetry” collection is older, more or less from the time just after we met. The artworks are mainly painted in gouache and acrylics.

Recently Kev Moore got inspired by another kind of artworks, mainly painted in watercolour.

In both books it is so far only a short selection of paintings and poems, but I will gradually add more pages.

Also I will certainly add some more poetry books, but it is quite a work to put everything together and I need more time. The next will be a book of the poetry written by Helen Losse, an American poet. She had been inspired by some of my Fantascapes and Landscapes.

So, if you are interested, go to my new website and have a look at the books. At the beginning of the books Kev Moore and I tell about the process of creating these pieces together. And also, less but not least, it is really FUN to flip the pages, it is almost like a real book!

So here you go

A Brush with Poetry

Watercoloured Words

PS: If you are a poet, or any kind of writer, famous or not, and you feel inspired by any of my paintings and want to write about them, or already have , please contact me. It would be a pleasure for me to publish your written work in my website.

African Odes and Songs in Homage To Barack Obama

I have the pleasure to announce today that one of my Obama portraits, “Yes We Can”, has been chosen as a book cover. And what a book!

A book called

Odes et Chansons Africaines

en Hommage a Barack Obama

(African Odes and songs, in homage to Barack Obama)

A book written by Marcelline Sibylle Ngono Bene, Doctor in Literature and African Civilisations, Master of Conferences at The University of Yaoundé and General Inspector of Academic Matters at the Ministry of Higher Education.

I adore the fact that my portrait serves this aim, and it will be a very emotional moment for me when I receive my dedicated copy…

I hope I will be able then to translate some of them in English. In fact, I am waiting to get it to see if a translation from French to English of the whole book could be possible. I am quite sure that a lot of people in the world would be interested in the content…

My special thanks to Emmanuel Baliyanga -a great artist himself by the way, check here– in charge of the book design and who found and chose my portrait.

Obama’s portrait painting is available as Giclee print, in different sizes and different formats, in my FAA Gallery:

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The Unreasonable Man

Last spring I was suddenly involved in a poetry book illustration project… and here is the result:I am proud to announce today the publication of this book, called

“The Unreasonable Man”

Book Cover The unreasonable man

and written by the Australian poet

Tariq Segal.

In his own words

“Well…  I’m thrilled to announce, the release of my book, my thoughts about life, through the years that this took.
Glad that it’s finished, and glad that I spent, time penning my thoughts, letting emotions vent…”

The book is designed as a coffee table poetry book. It contains 60 of Tariq’s favourite poems with each poem accompanied by either an illustration or photograph.

Tariq says:

“.. I think the artwork alone is worth owning a copy, and being able to review my thoughts as well can only but confirm your own sanity…”

Well I must confess,, most of these illustrations, about 50 I guess, are my paintings. 🙂

And here is what I have written in the preface of the book:

“Having myself been an „unreasonable“ person from the very beginning of my life, my encounter with The Unreasonable Man could not fail. As I started reading his poetry, I felt at once a deep connection to his wild world of thoughts, passion and revolt, and agreed at once to become with my art, a part of it.

I was amazed to see how many of my paintings seemed to have been created exactly for his poems,  illustrating in vibrant colours, lines, forms and structures what the poet is saying in words and the empty spaces in between.

But not each of his poems found its rightful painting.. We both collaborated in a weird process of  re-creation, by which  the characters featured in some of my paintings started to assume a life of their own, moving and wandering around, invading Tariq’s universe of poetry, in search of their own particular place among his words. Sometimes they even ended up taking possession of other paintings, either chasing the original occupants away or, more peacefully, finding their place at their side. You will understand what I mean when you look at the original works through my websites!

Anyway, to work on the illustration of „The Unreasonable Man“ was a totally new and very exciting experience in dealing with my own art, seeing me naturally „forcing“ them to interact and fit to the words.

I want to thank Tariq for this wonderful experience and his wise and creative advice in the choice of the paintings.“

For those of you interested in the musings of this troubled mind the book can be purchased online from the US  at:
1.       Amazon.com : http://www.amazon.com/dp/098052380X
2.       Createspace.com : https://www.createspace.com/3354416

The books are also available through Tariq Segal himself, above all for those of you who are in Australia. If you are interested please contact Tariq at


The Window

About 30 years ago, when I was living in Germany I started writing… by that I mean, I could write before of course, the way we learn it in school… but at that time I had a husband who was a writer, and he kind of brought me towards expressing myself with words. I loved it at once, and in fact I must say, even running the risk of disappointing the fans of my art,  that writing has been always more important to me than painting. Unfortunately I gradually stopped writing many years ago as I moved to Spain. The reason being that here, in Spain, because of the extreme international tourism, all languages are spoken, and being conversant in a lot of them I started speaking in all these languages at the same time. The result being an increasing incapacity to focus on any particular one, which is necessary when you have the pretence to write any literary piece..

But now, since I am living with Kevin and being very active in the English speaking blogosphere, my language seems again to focus, on the English language this time. It will take many more years though until I will be able to express myself the way I need to, but here is a start. I am adapting right now some poems I wrote at that time in Germany… all black stuff, I know, but it went down and down with the husband and it was a tough time for me…

Being a big fan of connecting artistic disciplines, I will present these poems on backgrounds inspired by my own paintings… you see, no need to fear I would give painting up now, I need it at least for my poems!!!   🙂


The Leaving

The Leaving

As Kevin saw this picture which I finished this afternoon, he immediately saw a story within it, and wrote the following poem..

The Leaving

It’s done.
Less years ahead alone
Than behind together
Safely clear of storms
No more heavy weather

He stands in silence
Facing the tree his Father planted
His roots, too, are deep
Always doing what his Father wanted

Him. Resolute. Immovable.
No apologies to send me on my way
No remorse or comforting words
To lighten my load this day

He is not wrong.
He never is
Ten years to the day
Since our last kiss
Which now hangs bitter
On my lips
Like rotten fruit upon the bough
Of that damned tree
The tree that seems to outlast me, now.

My Ears don’t lie
I hear her
The rustle of her robes
As from the house she flies
Oh daughter! Do not make me turn around
I cannot bear this awful sound
Her wailing,
Kept in time by hurried footsteps on the ground

“Mother please! Return!” Her plaintive cry…
“Do not despair, for true love never dies!”
Oh, the innocence of youth!
For true love never touched on him
Nor I.

Kev Moore 20/01/08

Ghost Games

This is what happens when I feel lazy, too lazy to do the computer work I have to do: ghosts invade the screen and play their poetic games with me…

Ghost Games in my Computer

YOU and ME on the Edge of Space and Time

Miki and Kev Moore on the Edge of Space and Time

Perhaps I shouldn´t shout to the world how I feel when YOU are away
how lonely
how lost
how insignificant
how nothing
just one tiny nothing
on the Edge on Space and Time….

But I can´t help it, even when I know that nobody hears me from so far away,
not even YOU
because when we are apart
YOU are
just another tiny nothing
on the Edge on Space and Time….

Hand in Hand in Words…

Some time ago, in honour of the first anniversary of my parents´ first great-grandchild Marius, I presented here the following painting:


Today I had the immense and wonderful surprise to get a mail announcing me an entry, inspired by this painting. It is a poem, called “Motherly Love”, written by Mary @ Love is my Energy.

I´ll reproduce here only the first lines, because I think you should read the poem in its personal, own context. So please go to her blog now and read the rest, it is simply wonderful! A wonderful example of simplicity and “genuinity” (I invented the word for her, you might find a better one!)


Motherly Love

I’m holding your hand

So small in my palm

Don’t you cry my child

I will be always

By your side


Don´t you find that this was a great idea from Mary? I do!