Phil Lynott in Howth

Live and Dangerous…

Before I went to Ireland last month (April 2013) I hardly knew anything about Phil Lynott. To be honest I only knew one song by him, “The Boys are Back in Town”, and this only because my partner, Kev Moore, had, in the 90′s, impersonated him on the UK TV show ‘Stars in their Eyes’. But I did know that Phil had always played a special role in Kevin’s life.

Now I know Phil better… unfortunately my first “real” meeting with him was at his grave. Kevin had found out that Phil was buried on the peninsula of Howth, to the north of Dublin Bay. Although we had checked on the net where exactly the cemetery was, we could not find it at once, drove a long way around the area it was supposed to be and finally asked a local. As we eventually entered the cemetery, I felt how emotional Kevin was. And me too… but not for the same reason. My reason was that some weeks ago I had suddenly lost my beloved brother Claude. From Spain we had flown to the burial in Paris.. it had nearly killed me… And since then, I can’t enter a cemetery any more. Certainly very unusual for me, as I normally love to visit cemeteries, especially in foreign countries: I feel the way the living people treat their dead speaks volumes about them. Anyway, I thought I would make an exception for Phil Lynott and we started searching for his grave. Three times we went through all the graves, reading carefully all the names, with method even, and I must admit that in that very moment I felt some stress towards my partner to put me through this. Of course he could not know how I felt, but forcing me to face the sadness of all these people having lost their beloved mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and children was much too much for me. Eventually I went to him and begged him to ask somebody where Phil Lynott’s grave was. He didn’t like it, not finding it very cool and rock’n roll, but seeing my sad little face, he agreed. Good job he did, as we were looking in the totally wrong place, in the old part of the cemetery.

If you want to read about that grave visit from the perspective of Kev Moore, please go to his site and read “In Search of Phil”.

I present here the second of my new collaboration works with Kevin, a more or less caricatural portrait of Phil gigging in Howth. Don’t miss the warning in the background:

“Live and Dangerous!”

which applies not only to the cliffs of Howth’s coast, but also of course to Thin Lizzy’s live masterpiece!

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Willie Nelson

Portraits of the American Country Singer and Guitarist

I will have to make a confession here, something I am really not proud of: I knew nothing about Willie Nelson until very recently. And when I say nothing, I mean that I didn’t even know about his existence!

In my defence I will state that my musical culture is 95% the responsibility of my partner, the English rock musician Kev Moore. And him being a passionate rocker, country music is not exactly his thing: wouldn’t look cool anyway if he liked it! And this is how it came to be that Willie Nelson was never presented to me. How then did I come to meet him? Well, in the most unexpected way: I was watching an episode of the USA TV show “Monk” the other day, the episode called “Mr Monk and The Red-Headed Stranger “. There, Monk’s favourite singer, Willie Nelson, playing himself, was wrongly suspected of murdering his tour manager, and of course Monk stepped in to clear his name. To thank him, at the end of the episode, Willie sang a song at the graveside of Mr Monk’s late wife. A very touching scene! Anyway I loved that guy, the way he looked, acted, and more than anything: the way he sang and played guitar: a perfect model for my music art.

I browsed around a little bit in Youtube to see him performing and enjoyed immensely what I saw. I was especially touched by a performance he did with Keith Richards, from the Rolling Stones, Keith playing the acoustic guitar and singing too. The proof, Mr Moore, that liking Willie Nelson is not uncool at all, not even for a rocker!

As I had finished the above artwork, I thought that it would also make a nice portrait of Willie Nelson alone. So I cut Keith Richards away , and did some work in Photoshop, playing around with the colours. This is how Willie suddenly got a blue skin: suits him well I would say!

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The Clowns of My Heart

Leo Sayer in “The Show Must Go On” – Watercolour painting by Miki

I am still working on my last painting trip to Cyprus and Crete material, but today I will make a little break and show you something else.

The other day I published in my “Portraits for Life” blog, entirely dedicated to my portraits art,  a painting of the English musician and song writer Leo Sayer performing as a clown in “The Show Must go On”. Doing that I finally treated myself to something I have been meaning to do for a long time:

painting clowns!

But a sadistic little voice  in my head always told me that paintings of clowns are kitschy. Of course, I don’t want to be classified as a kitsch artist,  but then suddenly the strong voice of the enfant terrible within me rebelled:

” What do you care what people think? If you fancy painting clowns, paint clowns!”

I do care what people think… anybody saying he or she does not is lying to him-/herself. But there are moments when my desires are stronger, and this is the case. A quick consultation with my art adviser Kev Moore convinced me that I should do it. He is a great adviser you know, he would never go against my desires! 🙂

Anyway, whatever you think, it is decided now: I will make a clowns series, and paint clowns until I can’t see them any more! I don’t know yet which clowns they will be, but some of them will certainly be internationally  famous. I will go with my spontaneous ideas, and perhaps with Kevin’s,  and even  if somebody comes to me with a good clown idea, I might go for it if it inspires me! So don’t hesitate to contact me if you fancy seeing a painting of your favourite clown by the Big Kitsch Artist Miki!

But for now, after Leo Sayer, here is my next one from the music world

David Bowie in Ashes to Ashes – Watercolour painting by Miki

By the way this came from Kevin, who is a big fan from David Bowie… and so am I!

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Joe Bonamassa in Spain

Joe Bonamassa 01 - by Miki

Well, I am cheating  a little bit here… this artwork does not actually represent Joe Bonamassa  in Spain. But it does not matter, it is Joe with his guitar and all the divine electric sparkles he is filling space and time and fans with!

It is not  a total bluff though. We have just come back from a Joe Bonamassa gig in Murcia, Spain. As I discovered that he would be coming so close to us -we live 150 kilometres further south- I could not believe it: these stars normally honour Madrid, Barcelona and sometimes Bilbao with their presence, and that’s about it. Well, without wasting one second more I bought our tickets! The first time we had seen him was in July 2011, but that time we had to fly and drive thousand of kilometres for this pleasure. More precisely: it was in Loket, in the Czech Republic, at a concert by his supergroup Black Country Communion. In Loket I had suffered like hell, the concert being outside under non-stop rain. But here in Murcia we were sitting comfortably in a nice auditorium, and I could totally focus on the gig. One might think, that sitting in an armchair is not very rockmantic, but I don’t care, when I am listening to Joe, I simply want to enjoy it to the max. Well, I was not disappointed, the gig was a super feast for the ears and the eyes:

fab people, fab music, fab lights!

And I will certainly try to make some new painting of Joe, in Spain this time. The light patterns and colours at the show were artistically very inspiring to me.

I was especially happy – and to be honest, surprised  🙂 – to see Joe smiling quite often, and even making fun. Everybody there laughed at his joke about El Cortes Ingles, this Spanish department store chain. He had entered one of them on the morning of the gig, and was amazed about the size and the fact that you can buy there “a suit as well as a dog”!

I was also happy to see that the Spanish audience, probably about 90% of the total punters- really enjoyed the show. I didn’t appreciate so much the screaming of some of them  in the middle of a Joe solo, stuff like




 but one should not forget that these people come from a different culture, where these words and behaviour simply mean a deep mark of admiration. And well, even if bullfight is not very popular any more, the “ole” will probably stay a long time in the Spanish vocabulary!

Oh yes, a last funny detail. Perhaps you know it, I am not a very tall person.. well, I am not that tiny either: a whole 159 cm! At least in the morning… unfortunately, I am starting being in that age when one’s own size diminishes through out the day… this reminds me that when we were in Loket, we met Joe Bonamassa by accident in the town, and we had a photo taken with him. But when I saw it later at home, I forbade Kevin to publish it anywhere: I looked so small next to these 2 giants, like a dwarf really! Kevin had to photoshop me away…

Anyway, at the gig, I was a little bit worried that somebody would sit in front of me and I could not make the photos I wanted to. And by chance, until 10 minutes before the gig began, the seats in front of us remained empty although the room was gradually filling up. I could not believe my luck. But then suddenly, they arrived. A whole family. Mom, Dad and their 2 offspring,  2 very young children, twins probably, around 4 years old, spreading themselves in these sits in front of us. I ended up having in front of me probably the smallest gig attender in the world! He was of course, with his sister, the only children in the whole audience… isn’t it incredibly lucky? Normally, on such occasions, exactly the contrary happens: I always get in front of me the biggest person in the world! I was by the way wondering why the parents brought their children to the gig… well, obviously, the father was a musician, and he probably  wanted to make a Joe Bonamassa out of his son, using all possible tricks to motivate him: like for example using his son’s arm as a guitar neck and playing on it all the time. I am not so sure, but I had the feeling that the boy was not very responsive to music… for the first half of the gig he tried to impede everybody around to listen to the music, and slept the other half… a long way to go! Funny, yesterday at the swimming pool, Kevin randomly met a guy who told him about a genius 17 year-old musician playing in Los Gringos, a local band here. He said that he was like Joe Bonamassa. Why is it so hard to believe?  Well, the world is not as full of wonder kids as parents and friends want to believe  🙂

And also, it takes much more than some kind of talent to be like Joe Bonamassa!

Joe Bonamassa 02 - by Miki

I was very happy to meet again The Pianist, the one I had seen on the DVD of the Royal Albert Hall in London, when I had seen Joe for the first time in my life. That pianist who had inspired me to some paintings. In Murcia I missed his little Buddha though…

The Pianist 02 - by Miki

Anyway, if you have a chance, go and see Joe, you won’t regret it. You can check here his tour dates

A big thanks from us to Joe for coming to us, and also to his manager Roy Wiseman for having organised the event in Murcia.

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A Summer Trip to The Czech Republic 01

It was in July this year (2011). The main reason for this trip was not the usual one, i.e. painting – We went there to attend a gig by our favourite Supergroup

“Black Country Communion”

In case you don’t know them, here are two of them, Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa.Glenn pointing at God and saying “You Rock!”

Black Country Communion – by Miki

Anyway, the gig took place in Loket and was fabulous, although we spent it under a torrential rainstorm… reminding me how awful the summers can be in that part of the world (I have been living in Germany a long long time!!!). I really prefer our daily desert heat!

Of course I can’t go anywhere without having to paint it… Before going to Loket, we spent three days in Prague, exploring the whole town. That place is certainly one of the most beautiful and exciting towns in the world! I would need an entire lifetime to paint it and render the homage it deserves,, so I did what I could in that short time…

The Charles Bridge for example was a feast for the eyes.. and the ears!

Charles Bridge in Prague.- By Miki

Street Musicians in Prague - by Miki

My artist eyes were also attracted by the tramways of course… here is the most attractIve among them!

Cafe Tramway in Prague - Aquarelle - - by Miki

More Prague paintings in my next post…

Sweet Marc

Marc Pearson BC SWEET S

(by Miki)

My name is Marc and I play Guitar and vocals for BC Sweet as well as managing the day to day affairs of the band. I’m a lucky guy. Many have said it, many more have thought it and I never forget it for one single day.

I am part of a fantastic band that rocks crowds across Europe. If someone had shown me a video of the BC Sweet of today compared to a few years ago, I would never have believed it. That statement is in NO WAY disrespectful to the wonderful people I have worked with in the band since I joined in 2000. It’s simply that today I have the best of all worlds, the best musicians as well as a wonderful chemistry on stage that is allowing the show to evolve and grow in a way I could never have hoped for.

I always wanted a band that the great Brian Connolly himself would have been proud of. I think, finally, I have that. BC Sweet is a solid and exciting unit performing the greatest hits of Sweet, keeping the songs alive for generations to come.

A BC Sweet show of today features all the hits of Sweet from the early bubblegum hits right through to the later more AOR type songs such as “Love Is Like Oxygen”. To all of you who spend your hard earned money travelling hundreds of miles sometimes, to come to our shows, or taking time to drop us emails and letters, we never take it for granted. Thanks for supporting BC Sweet, we love ya loads.”

Marc Pearson

First Step to Goodaskool

In the meantime I have thought a little bit about Goodaskool, my painting school. It is quite difficult to start, above all because our site Goodaboom is so young, published only about one month ago, and consequently still has low traffic . But one thing is sure: I definitely want to adapt the school to the needs of the hobby painters, as most of those I met in the “real world” going to a painting school or taking lessons were quite frustrated. So unlike in a normal school, YOU should DECIDE what will be taught
So I think I will put a form online asking that the interested persons consult me and give me info about which kind of lessons they would like to attend.
Soon I will also put online my first service, proposing you to send me a painting or a drawing. I will send it back, with corrections or comments, whatever you want.

By the way: look on Planet Goodaboom in the section “Give me a Title”, a competition requiring some imagination and thought. You can win a Miki hand-signed print of the painting featured there!


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