Cats and Tourists in Paphos

As I said in a previous post “Living among Gods in Paphos”, where I published some artworks inspired by the wall paintings in our hotel, we stayed only 2 days in Paphos. A pity, as I loved the place, there was so much great stuff to see there. But well, we still managed to have a very interesting time, starting  with a lovely walk along the seaside promenade and to the castle, followed by an intensive visit to the fabulous open air archaeology museum and, the next day, to “The Tombs of The Kings”.

Unfortunate the castle by the harbour was closed at that time and we couldn’t go inside. Instead I sat on the top of the little amphitheatre in front of it and made a quick sketch of the 4 English tourists sitting there and enjoying the beautiful view, the sun and obviously the togetherness! I must say that I understood very well all these old English people spending the winter or even their whole retirement time in Paphos: it is surely a place where it is fun to live!

Together Old in Cyprus 06 – watercolour and ink travel sketch by Miki

A wonderful motif for my series “My dear Old People”!

We were told by a musician friend of Kevin that there is a wonderful pelican by the harbour, earning his living by gigging for the tourists on the street. We searched for it, but could not find it… I did regret it a lot, as I would have loved to paint it, it would have made a fabulous motif for my “Street Musicians” series!

But well, it must not always be pelicans… cats do the job too!

Romance in Paphos  – watercolour and ink travel sketch by Miki

As I had mentioned in a former post, cats are omni- present in Cyprus. One day I even saw a T-Shirt featuring “All The Cats of Cyprus”: .

big mouth cats, stoned cats, seriously pissed-off cats, horny cats, romantic cats, wicked cats, shy cats, confused cats

Well, the two cats on my sketch belong obviously to the romantic sort! One might argue that tombs are not the best place to start a romance, but on the other side, these places do have a kind of romanticism, I find. A romanticism full of gravity and dramatic of course… like love itself!  🙂 I don’t know for certain though if these two cats were having a true romance or if they were playing an act for the tourists!

En Catimini  – watercolour and ink travel sketch by Miki

I can’t find in the list above any category for that red and blue cat lurking behind my back. Well, humans and animals are not that different in many points: people always try to look behind my shoulder when I sketch on the site, and like that cat, they always think that I can’t see them. But I have very sharp eyes in the back of my head, you know… and when they have seen what I do, they often go some steps further away to take a photo of me, still thinking that they are invisible to me. I understand them of course. Not that I look especially great, but an artist painting on the site is always a favourite photo motif for tourists. When they are back home and show the holidays photos to family and friends,  these photos  somehow send the message

” look everybody, we were in such a great place that artists painted it!

Window to Life – aquarelle and ink travel sketch by Miki

It was interesting to see that many tourists, who, judging by their appearances, probably hardly move at home, were ready to make much more efforts here to visit the places. But it was indeed fun to jump and climb all over and around these old stones. And concerning the woman above:  I don’t know if the people buried in the Tombs of the Kings ever reached the sky after their death, but that little woman up there was apparently trying to do it in her life time!

Old and Lonely in Paphos – aquarelle and ink travel sketch by Miki

Funny, when I look at all these sketches, they are all in a kind of cartoonish caricatural style, and in fact totally the contrary of the ones I painted the evening before in the hotel. I didn’t choose this style on purpose. I just seem to change my sketching and painting style everyday, according to my moods and the motifs. Well, in Paphos that day I must have been in a light superficial mood, weird, considering the serious ancient backdrop.  Although I must say that I didn’t find these places sad, not even the tombs. Perhaps was death not that sad in the old days?

I also need to say again that these frequent changes of style are NOT a sign of me not having found my style., as most of the art critics so wisely pretend. They are just a sign that I don’t want a style!!!! The BBC’s Sherlock Holmes would understand me so well: one style is SOOOOO BOOOORING!

These paintings are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the widget below to access my FAA Gallery

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Camogli in italy

Camogli in Italy 02 - by Miki

Travel sketch in ink and watercolour, painted on the site

The sea town Camogli by the Riviera was one of the places we visited in the first part of our Italy trip. It had been very difficult to reach  with our Boomobile, in fact the first time we were there was a Sunday and we had to escape again, much too many people were there and it was impossible to find a parking place, even very far away from the town. All Italy seemed to be there that day! A pity as  the town, seen from the road above, seemed spectacular. It hurt in the soul to go away without being able to make even one sketch. But we came back days later, as we had to trace back our steps, Kevin having to take a plane in Genova for a gig in the UK. And eventually the town turned out to be a great place for me to sketch, I loved it! It was also the first time we tried some Focaccio bread, my God: to die for!

Camogli in italy 11 - by Miki

When  I look at this painting, I can’t help to think that the church seems a little big too big.. but who cares… I don’t! Anyway, perhaps it was so, and certainly in my artist;s perception. In any case to look at the painting makes want to go back there, and this is the most important!

Camogli in Italy 03 - by Miki

A typical street in Camogli. A delight for my artist’s eyes and hand!

I have painted much more there. If you want to see all my sketches from Camogli, please go to my FAA gallery. All the paintings and sketches are available as Giclee prints, in different sizes on paper or canvas, and as greeting cards. Just click on the widget below.

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Sunset Symphony

Sunset 14 - by Miki

I don’t know why that title popped up to my brain.. sounds good I find, at least to my French ears.

I am revisiting right now drawers full of paintings from the last 4 years, especially a big series of tiny gouache landscapes paintings, from fantasy in quite minimalist impressionist style, they were thought more as exercises to search for exciting colours combinations. They have never been exhibited or seen by anybody else than me so far. Well rediscovering them was a nice surprise, and I am busy now  with the digitalisation, titulisation and Internetlisation of them. Quite a job, but well, I like them, and as far as I am concerned they are worth to be put on the market! The kind of paintings I imagine on the bedroom walls of big hotel chains…

Most of them will land in my series “Times of The Day”, watercolour and gouache  paintings featuring different times if the day:

dawn, early morning, midday, afternoon, sunset, nightfall…

Today I will present you some of the sunsets.

Sunset 15 - by Miki

Sunset 10 - by Miki

And as usual, this painting is available  as Giclee print, in different sizes and different formats, in my FAA Gallery:

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Times of The Day

These days I am going through older watercolour paintings b me (well, between 2 and 4 years old), a series of “simple” landscape paintings evoking the different times of the day: dawn, early morning, midday, early afternoon, late afternoon, nightfall, sunset… In fact they look simple, but well, when i look at some of them, i really haven’t got a clue how i reached some of the effects! I just know that they are painted very fast, from memory/fantasy, without thinking, and somehow they are meant to be just emotional impressions… with, like always, a big weight on the colours.

Here are some examples

Dawn 01

Early Morning 02

Early Morning 11

Midday 06

Early Afternoon 12

Late Afternoon 13

Sunset 05

Nightfall 07

You can see a big selection of them, and even buy prints online in different sizes in my RedBubble Gallery

Also they are available in my Fine Art America Gallery

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Serpa – 4 – (Travel Sketches Portugal 2009)

Serpa 22 2009 SThat little olf woman in the sketch, who is trying to open her door, is one of the rare Portuguese people who came and spoke to me while I was sketching. A lovely olf lady, who wanted to know what i was doing there, by no means understanding that I could find some charm in what i was seeing! She was above all worrying about me sitting in the sun without a hat… i gave her one of my galleries leaflets -I had nothing else, not even that sketch which I had just started!-  with all the tiny little images of my paintings, and she was over the moon, carrying into her house as if it was a treasure. it was very touching…

Serpa 24 2009 S


Serpa 23 2009 S


All these paintings (and many others!) are available as Giclee print in different sizes and on different supports (paper, canvas) in my FAA Gallery

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El Rocio – 2 – (Travel Sketches Spain 2009)

El Rocio 08 2009 S

El Rocio 06 2009 S

El Rocio 09 2009 S

Some more sketches from El Rocio.

In case you haven;t recognised the animals? they are flamingos. Unforyunately they were quite far away from the place where I was sketching, and I ccould only give an impression of them within the water landscape…

Chipiona – 2 – (Travel Sketches Spain 2009)

Chipiona 05 2009 S

Chipiona 04 2009 S

Cádiz (Travel Sketches Spain 2009)

01 Cadiz 2009 S

In my previous entry I wrote about my intention to work on my travel sketch series Summer 2009 and to publish them. However I was interrupted by an awful event which took place in our town and all around, one day after our arrival: a huge fire went all over the places, over an extend of more than 10 kilometres, and we really thought we would lose everything we have, including, of course, all my paintings!

But the wind blew the fire away in another direction and we lost nothing, except, perhaps, the wonderful feeling of being safe at home  🙂 !

But really, what a trauma to assist to such a fire, one deeply realises how powerless we are against Nature…

So, after all these emotions, I am trying to come back to work now. After the short stop in Gibtaltar, we spent our first days in Cadiz, Andalucia, on the Atlantic South Coast of Spain. I knew Cadiz already, but to rediscover it with Kevin was wonderful and we both fell in love with that town. Great architecture, great atmosphere, great beaches, great street cafes, great people… one told us later though, that sometimes el viento de Levante (the Levante Wind) blows there for a long time and makes people get crazy… I am glad that it was not the case as we were there, first because we are already crazy enough, and then because we had parked our Boomobile at the outskirts from the town in front of the sea, and rode everyday bicyvle to the down. I love to ride bicycle, but certainly not against a strong wind!

I made quite a lot of sketches in Cadiz, this is the first of them…

Cafe Sketches

We have been so busy wiht many things ove rthe last few months, there was hardly time to relax! But 2 days ago, on the way back from some stressing palec where we had to some dome formalities, we decoded to make a haly by our favourite cafe by the beach: it had been weeks since we were there! Luckily for me, who can’t cope very well with just sitting around without doing anyhting, I had a small  sketch book in the car and could sit there, at Masko, sketching people again. And what a pleasure: Great motives were there that day, and I just regret that I hadn’t more time. Here are some of the sketches I did.

090618 The Delicate Woman reading The News SBy that woman reading the news, i was fascinated by her hands position, and the “delicateness” of the whole apparition…

especially the length of her neck, face and fingers…

090618 Doing Donuts SHere I guess that the woamn was telling off her husband about eating too much…

forgetting to look at herself in a mirror…

090618 So bored S

Some couples really shouldn’t spend their lifes together…  🙂

Love me!


Over the last days, there was much love pain in the air around me…

no, not me neither Kevin suffering, but somebody very close to me…

it hurts a lot!