African Odes and Songs in Homage To Barack Obama

I have the pleasure to announce today that one of my Obama portraits, “Yes We Can”, has been chosen as a book cover. And what a book!

A book called

Odes et Chansons Africaines

en Hommage a Barack Obama

(African Odes and songs, in homage to Barack Obama)

A book written by Marcelline Sibylle Ngono Bene, Doctor in Literature and African Civilisations, Master of Conferences at The University of Yaoundé and General Inspector of Academic Matters at the Ministry of Higher Education.

I adore the fact that my portrait serves this aim, and it will be a very emotional moment for me when I receive my dedicated copy…

I hope I will be able then to translate some of them in English. In fact, I am waiting to get it to see if a translation from French to English of the whole book could be possible. I am quite sure that a lot of people in the world would be interested in the content…

My special thanks to Emmanuel Baliyanga -a great artist himself by the way, check here– in charge of the book design and who found and chose my portrait.

Obama’s portrait painting is available as Giclee print, in different sizes and different formats, in my FAA Gallery:

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Yes We Can!


(Based on a photo by Bill Burke,

So, my first Barack Obama portrait is finished.

I think it is quite different from the portraits I have seen from him on the net. On most of them the artists emphasize only one aspect of his personality.

This is not what I wanted.

I wanted to paint Obama as a human being, with all his facets:

his humanity, his leadership, his honesty, his hopes, his decisiveness…

Of course I never met him personally, so it can only be the Barack Obama I perceive through the TV and the photos I have seen from him. And I saw all of these qualities on his face.

I can only hope that I have caught a little bit of his soul…

And if you are wondering what he is counting…. words of course:

“Yes We Can!”

My special thanks go to Bill, from, who allowed me to use one of his photos to make this portrait.

A  F  T  E  R  W  O  R  D

I want to thank you Michael Newman from the Newmradio blog for having published my portrait there, with the following wonderful words

“… It really shows the worldwide respect that our country has gained by taking a step in the right direction by electing Obama.  Maybe it takes the U.S. hitting rock bottom to spur our citizenry off of their couches and into realizing that many of the ways we do things need to be changed…”