Epiphany… Epifunny!

Epiphany - by Miki

Today is  “El Dia de Los Reyes Magos”, The Three Kings day. A very important day here in Spain. As far as I am aware even more important than Christmas for the children: it is the day when they get presents and loads of sweeties. But to be totally honest, living quite as a recluse in my art world, I don’t really know what is happening outside there and even less between the Spanish walls… but I am quite sure that today is an important day here in Spain, the shops have been closed since yesterday afternoon, and more important than that, our indoor pool!

Yesterday we heard that they celebrate Kings Day’s Eve in a very special way in a fishing town about 5 kilometres away from where we live. Apparently, after nightfall, about 8PM, the Kings arrive to the town by sea, each one on an individual boat. When they have landed on the beach, they get transferred onto a float, and then roll through the town, throwing sweeties to all the kiddies on the road side. They say it is quite interesting to see.

I was tempted to go there, but then I remembered all these little naughty Spanish kids, who don’t stop screaming under my windows until they get what they want, and have no respect for anybody nor anything,  You will say, it is not their fault, they are badly educated. But still, children are not silly, they know what they do. Even badly educated, this does not mean that they should not have an ounce of good sense and respect inside of them. They do know what they do, one can see it on their faces. So I thought, I don’t fancy seeing these little devils being rewarded for all their naughtinesses, and I boycotted the show!

Now the funny thing is that  I misunderstood the show as they told us about it yesterday. I thought the kings arrive on the boats and take the children away!!!

Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin!

Isn’t it very EPI-FUNNY?!

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African Odes and Songs in Homage To Barack Obama

I have the pleasure to announce today that one of my Obama portraits, “Yes We Can”, has been chosen as a book cover. And what a book!

A book called

Odes et Chansons Africaines

en Hommage a Barack Obama

(African Odes and songs, in homage to Barack Obama)

A book written by Marcelline Sibylle Ngono Bene, Doctor in Literature and African Civilisations, Master of Conferences at The University of Yaoundé and General Inspector of Academic Matters at the Ministry of Higher Education.

I adore the fact that my portrait serves this aim, and it will be a very emotional moment for me when I receive my dedicated copy…

I hope I will be able then to translate some of them in English. In fact, I am waiting to get it to see if a translation from French to English of the whole book could be possible. I am quite sure that a lot of people in the world would be interested in the content…

My special thanks to Emmanuel Baliyanga -a great artist himself by the way, check here– in charge of the book design and who found and chose my portrait.

Obama’s portrait painting is available as Giclee print, in different sizes and different formats, in my FAA Gallery:

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Recalculating the Route

presentation-lisboa-mikiI am participating again in a contest organised by the Infectious people. They are making skins for laptops, ipods, iphones, etc, and are regularly organising competitions open to all artists. We are invited  to submit works with special themes. 2 weeks ago I participated in

“I love blogging”

and this time to “Big Cities”.

I have just submitted 2 works, one about Paris (noblesse oblige), and one about Lisbon.

The real aim is to develop a skin for the laptops, something which “rocks” – but they also want us to make an appropriate presentation work of the laptop with the skin. This is perhaps the part I most enjoy in the story!  Well here I did enjoy imagining Vasco de Gama sitting at my skinned  laptop and recalculating his route…

The laptop skin – the work I have entered in the competition – is the following


This work is a combination of several sketches I did last summer in Lisbon. I literally fell in love with that city, I loved the bridge, the discoverers monument, the trams (no, in Lisbon the trams don’t run on water.,,) , the old people striding the streets, the black umbrellas against the sun and the flags everywhere!

I have no idea as to whether this design will be accepted as an entry in the contest, but I don’t really care:


Like a Bull in an Artshop


I have added today some bullfight paintings and other stuff to my new online shop Miki’s Mart.

It is not easy to make a choice, what to put for sale, and what not. Tastes are so different! And I have had the experience in my life that my taste often does not correspond to the clients’ taste. or at least there is a time difference… what I most like today my clients will like most in about 2 years!

I have often wondered about this phenomena, as I have heard the same from other artists.

I was asking myself if the artist is always  ahead of his clients’ time…

Anyway, among all my bullfight paintings, and as a contradiction to the theory I just presented and the aim that a shop which should be to sell what what people want to buy,  I chose to put for sale this one above, which is my most favourite bullfight painting of all time!

Delirium Tremens

NEW…NEW…NEW…           Miki’s new artist’s website www.mikidegoodaboom.com           NEW…NEW…NEW…




Somebody in America commented

“… provocative… and well done…”

I was quite surprised by the “provocative”. To tell the truth this was only a further game with the photos of the glasses I took the other day instead of making the washing up…

and well, a drop of creative delirium on top of it,  a drop of eroticism and plenty of color.

But I do wonder about the provocation… just because of one naked breast? Some artists show whole naked bodies all the time… my only aim was to make something appealing…

it does not matter, anyway, the “well done” is more than enough for me!

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Back Fighting The Bulls…


I will have soon “to fight the bulls ‘ again, so i have started yesterday  to practise again, always on the search of new bullfighting techniques…

I have painted that one today, a quite complicated mixed technique!

By the way, if you are still  interested in my bullfight calendar 2009, or already in the new calendars 2010, or in my bullfight mugs, simply got to

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A happy child’s face is priceless…


Following on from the interview by Anastasia, I said that I would publish some stories related to my sport paintings. Here is the first one. The painting above is the painting involved in the story.

One day I had made a sport painting exhibition and a little boy came to me and asked me how much the football painting was.I told him the price and he went away. The next day he came back, alone. He told me that he had just broken his money saving box . He opened his hand, which contained his entire savings (many little coins), and he asked, very seriously:

“Is it enough?”

I could see on his face how scared he was that it was not enough. I took the money, started to count it, very seriously, and at the end, I said to him;

“Yes, it is exactly enough!”

and gave him the painting. I tell you, his face was worth thousands of dollars for me! Needless to say that he paid about 15 euros for the painting…
But the story goes on. The next day he came back, with his parents… and the painting! The parents forced him to give it back to me, thinking that he had stolen it. I told them that he had bought it,  tried to convince them that their little boy had paid a very adequate price, but to no avail. The little boy was in such tears as they left that it really broke my heart!

My Former Life under The sea


(me diving in 1975)

In my last post, I mentioned that I made much scuba diving in the past. Versions Célestes -one of the very few magical writers I have ever read, still don’t know if IT is a he or a she though  🙂  ) wrote in the comments thread

“… would like to read about your scuba diving experiences. All those feelings and sensations…”

I decided to jump on this occasion to tell you about my former life under the sea, as it is one of the most exciting times of my past. Shortly: I was totally addicted to diving and spent 2 summers under the sea, around the years 1975/1976.  I was down there every morning, every afternoon, and even in the night sometimes!

I was a mathematics/physics student in Germany at that time, and I had had the immense luck that a physics student, who spent  his holidays as a diving teacher, in Spain and in Thailand, had a sweet tooth (no, not a sharks’ tooth!) for me. Needless to say that I was allowed to dive in Spain as much as I wanted, for free. Of course, as a student, I could have never offered it to myself as a single dive already cost a lot of money.

In these 2 summers, I made about 300 dives if I remember well. The learning phase was short, I  was used to water since I was a baby and felt extremely comfortable in that element, even deep under the surface. In fact, I will find out, with each new dive,  the deeper the better!  Much better than on the earth’s surface anyway! One of the reasons being that at that time I was quite a wild thing, and I especially hated to speak, or at least I hated the mundane conversations (I haven’t changed much on this point, I must admit, but I am more ready to do compromises…). The language we used underwater, with the hand signs, was totally adapted to the situations and to my character. No superficial or useless or empty words, no lies,  I loved it!

As I said, I spent all my time under water. And while I was under water I learnt very fast not to breathe too much, to avoid consuming too much air and be forced to come back to the surface . I really started to breathe as little as possible, and was of course always the last, with my diving teacher, to come back to the boat. I had the chance not to know panic underwater, and I was well able to control my emotions (which were big!), which mean that the quantity of air available to me in these little bottles lasted for almost an hour every time.. where most of the divers had to come up after half an hour down.

Yes, it was a great life down there. I loved to watch the fishes, I loved the vegetation, I loved the bubbles, I loved the silence, I loved the deep blue. I was never confronted with what they call the depth ivresse – Nitrogen Narcosis – although I reached the 50 meters depth. I loved the adventure, the water all around, the feeling to live something very special, not granted to many people, and certainly not at my age. I have wonderful memories of that time, but the most impressive are from the night diving. I remember the very first one… I was so incredibly excited. We left the town about midnight on the boat, about 10 creatures all in black walking across the beach to the boat… we must have looked weird, really! It was thundering that night, and I remember seeing my parents, on their balcony of their seafront apartment on the 9th floor, watching the boat leaving the coast and disappearing in the night under the thunder and lightning, and loaded with these sea riders.. I knew they were scared to death… I was not!

I will tell you what happened then. I think it as the first time I really felt fear underwater. As we reached the reef where we normally dived, about 3 kilometres from the coast, we somersaulted backwards into the dark water, I swam vertically down to the point where I should meet the 2 other divers of my group, as we would all be tied to each other with ropes for the duration of the dive, to avoid the danger of losing each other, as we would most of the time dive in total darkness, saving the lamp batteries so that they could last a certain time and be available in case of immediate danger.

As I arrived at the meeting point, about 25 meters under water, I suddenly noticed that my air regulator did not work. Instead of air I got water in my mouth! I carefully tried again to aspire some air, and again I got water. Now you must imagine, in the middle of the night, in the total darkness under water, at 25 meters, for the first time in my life, no air in my  lungs and a mouth full of water! Yes, I felt fear, but at least I didn’t panic and I guess this saved my life. I rapidly swam up and arrived at the surface totally out of breath, ready to die! But well, I had some tiny little air reserves somewhere and I survived! I spent the rest of the time alone on the boat, in the middle of the sea under the storm, waiting for the divers to come up, and more than anything, totally frustrated that I could not dive!

But well, one week later, the club organised another night dive, and this time, everything went well and I could explore, fascinated, the night life of the sea, which in fact, was totally different and certainly much more active than the daily life!

and the best was: the lumumba (hot chocolate and cognac!) after the diving, at 2 in the night, on a Café terrace!

Because one thing I can tell you I didn’t like at all by diving: I was always freezing!!! I was not very big, and it was not easy to find a diving suit to fit me. Often I had to dive with 2 suits, one on top of the other, and I was still freezing!!!

And if you ask me why I stopped diving: my teacher lost his sweet tooth… or was it me?  🙂

PS: in case somebody here is moaning that it is supposed to be a blog about Art and sport is taking the upper hand, I will post the only painting I ever did from underwater… it is called “Nemo”.


The Slavery of Freedom


(“The Dance of The Universe”)

Wondering if I am turning myself always more towards Digital Art… The process started at the beginning of this year, using the blossoming almond trees as a pretext to extend my world of classical painting to a mixed technique involving digital art.

I am a little bit confused. I feel myself in the meanwhile more attracted by Digital paintings, when they are well done –  Paintings by other artists or in my own creative process. They seem to satisfy much more my needs of mystery and impossible possibilities.

And… it is soooooo clean!

It allows me to be wild without filthying everything on and around me, clothes, tables, walls, floors,… of course I am missing the sensuality of paper, brushes, water… but there are computer tools which produce similar sensitive effects on my brain.

I know that I am running the risk to lose my faithful fans and clients with this new direction, as most people don’t accept digital art as art. At least I can say that my stuff is not solely digital art. It is strongly based on classical art.

Anyway: first of all, I paint for myself, and I have to do what I have to do:

This is the slavery of freedom!

The Toroscapes


One would not believe it, but judging by the quantity of hits on my bullfight post on this blog and of  enquiries I personally receive in my mailbox:

there is a big market for Bullfight paintings around the world!

A friend of mine from the U.S.A., who is trying to help me market my calendars there, wrote to me:

“… One thing to remember is that America is a microcosm of many different people, styles and tastes…no different than any place else really, except here we do have a lot of special interest groups, and lobbyists for special needs. The Animal Rights groups are very powerful and influence a lot of laws and perceptions. Bull Fighting items of any kind will be difficult to mass market….the cultural climate is not conducive…”

Well, this is certainly true in Europe too, and even more so where I live. But I have my very own experience in this matter and I answered to him that what people publicly follow is one thing and what they then privately do is quite another.  I have said many times: I sold many bullfight paintings to people who hate bullfighting! I think this says a lot…

Anyway, I have decided to create a new website entirely dedicated to my Bull and Bullfight Art, simply called


And to inaugurate it, I started a new series of bullfight paintings, from the “Scapes Family”, called

The Toroscapes.

Like the others Scapes, a mixed technique of classical and digital art.

Like always, “only” available as Giclee prints… an amazing printing technique by the way, the results are really fascinating, so true in colours, details and structure… and with the huge advantage that you can get them in different sizes and on different formats, canvas even!

With this new website I have also opened a new blog, dedicates to the Bulls. You are very welcome to join me there, to comment or even become a co-author. And honestly, I would love to meet some people with whom I can speak about the bulls!

English, French, Spanish and German languages are welcome!