Flags from Around The World 02

As I told you in my last post, I started a new contest in FineArtAmerica  about “flags”, and I announced a second post showing some more of my artworks where flags play an important role. So far, artists and photographers are participating very well to the contest, and I am very thankful about it. I  just wish there would be some more other flags than the “The Stars and Stripes” exhibited! If you wish to see the 370 images which have been submitted so far, have a look here: believe me, it is worth it!

So here are some of my other paintings featuring flags. To start with, my own interpretation of the American flag, in the background as well as on a tie:

“A Turkey for President”, a “just for fun” image I created some years ago to celebrate “Thanksgiving”.

A Turkey for President New S

Let us stay in the USA and go to New Orleans. It was in 2010 and it was Mardi Gras, but I don’t know what the flags had to do with it, and which significance they had. Anyway, here is a happy street in the French quarter

French Quarter in New Orleans 01 New S

Lets get all sporty again and go back to “The Golden Night of Gold”, that very special evening in the London Olympics Games 2012 when 3 UK athletes – Jessica Ennis, Mo Farrah and Greg Rutherford) won a  gold medal…

Olympic Night of Gold S

Back to Italy now. The following painting does not show a flag as such, but something more interesting I find:

 Italian shoes in the colours of the flag! This is really Italian elegance, isn’t it?

Italian Shoes 02 New S

Let us go to Germany and have some coffee, out of that wonderful mug with the German flag colours, a present of a very kind German fan of the famous chart-topping ‘Yellow River’ hitmakers “Christie” in which my partner Kev Moore plays the bass.

2009 German Mugs S

And finally I will go back to my roots, my dear France. A  sketch done with pastel chalk in the Perigord in 2007, as we were on our way up to Scotland.

Perigord 13 S

So, if you are interested in taking part to the contest and get a special feature in this blog if you wish, please hurry up.  Submission deadline is Friday, June 14th, at the following place:

Flags Contest

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