Market Places from Around The World

I love to travel, and more than anything, I love to paint what I see when I travel. One subject which I especially enjoy painting are the market places, with all their colours, activities and great characters wandering around. Markets places say so much about a country, their culture, their food, etc…

Wine Vendor in a Provence Market S

Wine Seller in The Provence

Anyway, I have recently been a little more active in my artists community “Fine Art America”, having found some more time and above all pleasure and comfort in participating in the social life there. I have to overcome some immensely deep sadness because of the sudden death of my brother, and the best way to do it, for me, apart from travelling, is to meet people… without really meeting them! I am more of a lonely wolf, but I love communication and exchange, so interaction on the internet and especially in a nice artists community such as FAA is, is very appropriate.

Vegetables Seller in a Provence Market S

Vegetables Seller in The Provence

So, I have started a contest there about the market places of this world. All media are accepted, painting, drawing and photographs. The winner will be featured in this blog, perhaps even interviewed if I get inspired by the winning work. You have to belong to FAA to be able to take part, and if you are, and fancy a go, you are very much welcome.  Here is the contest link, where you can submit your work.

“Markets from Around The World”

but hurry up,  the contest ends on June the 5th.

In this post I publish some examples of market paintings done in Arles, in the Provence region of France.

Oranges Vendor in a Provence Market S

Oranges Seller in The Provence

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